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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Uranium Mining

If we do open up Australia to more Uranium mining, where are all the workers going to come from given that we have full employment? Are we really expecting the remain small dole line to provide the skilled workers that are going to be needed to operate these mines? Or are the mining companies going to start a bidding war for mining employees resulting in wage rises and higher interest rates?

Cricket World Cup

What is the ICC thinking? This has been going too long. Too many mismatches. Too many matches all together. Too many coaches have been murdered. Too little effort on the human touch.
Losing both Pakistan and India in round one was always going to be a blow but there have been many more mistakes than that.
It doesn't help that it is being played in the most difficult place in the cricketing world in terms of TV coverage. It probably would be okay times in the UK and South Africa but the major markets of Australasia and Asia it is a terrible time to watch cricket.
And why on earth is there only one match a day for the entire tourament. The first round could have had two games a day and the super eights should have had one game a day for four days a week and two games on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
This world cup is going to kill the one day game off and open the door for the Twenty 20 Cricket which is going to sky rocket in the wake of this flop.

So what I have been up to?

Lets see, what have I done, I have:
  • Purchased a new car (well a 97 VT to replace the 80 VC)
  • Quit another Job (and made a disgrace of myself at the previous job's Christmas party)
  • Moved to Canberra and had to pay 50% more rent than Melbourne
  • Entered the Public Service and basically been put in a cupboard for a few months.
  • Become slightly bored with Canberra after a few weeks
  • I have also entered my late twenties which makes me feel extremely old and a little disappointed that I have not had sex with enough females.
  • I have been erxcerising a little more, in the hope that if I do manage to bed another female I will not collapse after two minutes of light activity.

I'm Back

After a break of four and a half months I feel it is time I began posting again. This mainly because I have got more to say and nowhere really to say.