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Saturday, April 14, 2007

So what I have been up to?

Lets see, what have I done, I have:
  • Purchased a new car (well a 97 VT to replace the 80 VC)
  • Quit another Job (and made a disgrace of myself at the previous job's Christmas party)
  • Moved to Canberra and had to pay 50% more rent than Melbourne
  • Entered the Public Service and basically been put in a cupboard for a few months.
  • Become slightly bored with Canberra after a few weeks
  • I have also entered my late twenties which makes me feel extremely old and a little disappointed that I have not had sex with enough females.
  • I have been erxcerising a little more, in the hope that if I do manage to bed another female I will not collapse after two minutes of light activity.


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