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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Darren Hanlon's Latest

The other day the mainframe at worked died and thus we had nothing to do for an hour or so. Therefore I headed off to a nearby CD store. There I purchased former local boy Darren Hanlon’s last effort Fingertops and Mountaintops. Having both the Hello Stranger Album and the Early Days EP, I was expecting a bit. However, I have been a little disappointed. The first four tracks are good but then the rest is a bit of push.

The tracks are

  1. Hold On – This track gets off to a good start, however the violins at the end are a bit of a worry. Typical Hanlon.
  2. People who wave at trains – Another reasonable effort. Does change tempo maybe once too often.
  3. Happiness is only a chemical – Clearly the single that is going to get the most airplay and has a fairly good rhythm. Classic indy pop.
  4. Elbows – A fairly assuming track about accidental contact between people.
  5. Manilla NSW – This is the track where the album starts to go down hill. Sounds like a music hall standard and doesn’t really work I don’t think.
  6. Romance is deafening – Another track I don’t really get.
  7. The ostracism of Vinny Lalor – A bit better than the last.
  8. Fire Engine – Female guest singer’s track. Doesn’t match the quality of Cast of Thousands off Hello Stranger.
  9. Fingertips and Mountaintops – Title track. Perhaps should have stayed as just the title.
  10. Couch Surfing – Another enjoyable track about being a couch nomad. We have all done it at some stage or another.
  11. Don’t Bogart my heart – Great title for a song and is worth listening to.
  12. Old dream – Slow final track that is perhaps a little too slow.

Overall, I would not say it is of the same standard as Hello Stranger (which is one of favourite albums) but it is enjoyable in parts. However, it would have made a great EP using the first four tracks and perhaps a couple of the others. I don't reget spending the $22.

Update: (5/11) This album has now grown on me and I really dig it.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Freak events

According to the media, there was a "freak frost" in the Yarra Valley over night. There has also been "freak" frosts in the Goulburn Valley that has damaged the fruit crop there. Also they love to report "freak" hailstorms and "freak" waves.
As there tends to be a lot of freak events happening, is it possible that they are not so "freak" after all? If something happens about once every so often than it is hardly "freak".

Friday, October 13, 2006

Warner out of race to White House

Mark Warner has said he is not going to run for US president in 2008. Most of the pundits are suggesting it is just that Hillary Clinton is in too strong a position for any other democrates to have a chance. This is bad news. Clinton sucks as a candidate as I can't see her win the overall election. If I can see her winning there is very little chance because the base is going to come out in big numbers to support her. As someone suggested "Ralph Nadar looks like a choice if it means voting for Hillary Clinton".

Sunday, October 08, 2006

A moment in time passes us by

The attacks of September the 11th 2001, claimed the lives of some 2738 Americans out of total of some 2997 victims. The Iraq war as of today has claimed 2739 American lives and some 237 troops from other nations. Plus a lot of Iraqis have been killed fighting for both the government and the insurgency.
It remains to be seen which of the two events will be seen as the greater tragedy in when the history is written. Of course, for the individual every death is a tragedy and sadly I expect there will be more to come.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Another Hero passes away

I just heard the sad news of the passing of Peter Norman. He was a hero not so much for being one of Australia's best sprinters ever (he still holds the Australian record for the 200m that he had held for 38 years) but for being apart of one of the most famous photos of any Olympics, the famous black power salute picture. He had won the silver and had been told by the two black Americans that they were going to do. Not only did he not object, but actively supported them by wearing a civil rights badge.