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Friday, August 25, 2006

Pluto, oh no, Pluto

Pluto got the arse. A bit sad but sometimes these things happen. The problem is really with grouping the planets altogether. The planets as they are stand now without Pluto are really just two groups, Earth-like or Terra planets and Jupiter-like gas giants or Jovian planets. Pluto and its new friend are just Pluto-like drawf planets. It was because the IAU feared that there would be flood of these objects that they dropped Pluto after a half-a-dozen or so was found.
Add the asteriod belt and the Oort disc objects and there are really many different parts to our solar system. Really, the term "Planet" should be the term dropped; after all it is Greek for "wanderers" which planets don't really do, being in fixed orbits.

Bloody Hell, that doesn't work

After all the cheering and backslapping, Australia's new tourisms Ads don't seemed to have work. Couldn't see that one coming? A blind camel could have*. I know it is hard to measure the success of advertising but really why does the government waste money on such things when clearly it is not going to work.

*It might have been washed.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Copper Price

The price of Copper is above $A10000/tonne. This makes copper coins like our old 2 cent piece worth quite a bit. The 2 cent coin weighs about 5.18 grams and is 97% copper. This makes the coin in metal value worth around 5 cents. The "Silver" Coins are 75% copper but they are not heavy enough to start melting down just yet (the 20 cent coin is only worth about 8 cents in metal).

UPDATE: (5/9) Of course I forgot the other 25% of the Silver coins is Nickel that is worth four times as much as copper. These coins are indeed worth slightly more in terms of metal than their face value. More later.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Sititng Ducks should fly soon

Okay, I know I have change position on the Aussie Troops in Iraq on the grounds that they are saving Iraqi lives by stopping the American Troops from shooting them. But I think the time has come for them to get the fuck out quickly. Iran is not going to back down on the Nuclear programs and things are going to get ugly. The Australians should leave before this occurs.
The Americans also need to get out or else they will be sitting ducks for the Iranians. Iran could stir the south of Iraq up so much that the supply lines to the Americans in the middle could very well be caught in a situation that makes the Iranian Hostage look like a church picnic and the battle of Khe Shan look like an average day in the office. There is no point in carrying a big stick if that stick is shown to be a lot weaker than believed.
Just leave Iraq to fight its own civil war.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Long time no blog

It has been a while. Just wasting time. Trying to decided if Put Warrants in Coles Myer is a good buy tomorrow. Or maybe just Call Warrants after the stock drops in early trade, but slowly rebuilds in the afternoon? I am myself cashed up and therefore I am looking for buying chances. Plus I haven't even got my tax return yet. Cha-chink. Big lot of money coming via that as I have big deductants as a result of having driven my car a lot for work. My car is basically worthless* so getting anything back is a victory.

*So much so I left the window down at Knifepoint** a week or so, that it wasn't stolen.
** HighPoint Shopping centre in Melbourne Slang.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

What was Ten thinking?

Channel Ten has been forced to can "Yasmin's getting married". The show was ill panned and frankly it was boring. I tried to watch and I could get about half a minute into it before I was sick off it. It was pityful television and it high time TV channels in Australia start making real TV and not this crap "reality" that is so forced. And I could not see how a program like that was every going to be succesful as it just did not appeal at all to half the potential viewers: males.

I also think Australia Idol is looking old and worn out. The first four shows are the same crap they are every year. Half decent singers about 20% of the time and really bad singers the rest who are clearly expecting to get bagged by the judges. It might have been funny the first time but the eighty time it most certainly not. We have seen it before and I can't see it gaining viewers until they get into the real contest.

And what is the point of the Steph Show being on on Fridays as it just results in the regular Simpson watching crowd turning over to the news services? It again is boring TV.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

When it doesn't really matter

During the Democratic primarys over in the "land of the free" in 2004, I remember being told that John Kerry great advantage was that he was not so liberal than some of the other candidates. Once he became the candidate for the party he was portrayed by the Right as being the extreme Left. So I say stuff it, if you are going to run on the Left be left as they are going to fire you for it anyway.

Things you wish hadn't said

"The funny thing about the 3 R's is that Arithmetic doesn't even start with an R."
"How about writing?"
"Ahh, that starts with *&@%#*."

Luckily it was me who was the one who made the second statement.