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Sunday, July 30, 2006


When do you think the roosters are going to come home to roost again? One of my favourite novels is "Coming up for air" by George Orwell just before the Second World War. I feel that I am very much like the lead character at the moment as the world appears to be sliding into shit once more.
I want to go to South America. That seems like the place to be at the moment. Nothing bad ever happens there.

Job chances

I have two interviews this week. Going by past performances I am bound to fuck both up. Then I will have to keep to my shit current job where I have a month with no work and then ten days straight. I should get the one that is part time as I am somewhat over qualified for it. The only problem is it pays shit. Oh well.
I think I might emmigrate soon. There has to be more in this world then this..... At least go somewhere warm for a while.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

The new War and the on going saga

The Australians caught in the current Israel-Lebanon conflict should understand that given that the government could not even get the right corpse home from Iraq what hope do they have? To be fair, the people there on the ground are working their butts off but it shows that DFAT really doesn't think too hard. Sending a single ship able to carry 500 to rescue 7000 people is not too smart. It will take weeks to get them all out.
Around a 100 got taken on buses. Given that there is 7000 currently wanting out, it would take 70 days at that rate to get them all out. And there is still about 20000 more there who might very well want out as well.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Howard's handbag turns on him

Costello has finally had the balls to say something about the leadership of the Liberal party after a decade of being Howard's handbag. Every since they came to power in 1996, Costello has wanted to be leader but has never shown enough gumption to do anything about it.
So there turns out to have been a deal for Howard to quit some time in 1999 or 2000 after one and a half terms that was made in 1994. Howard wanted to be leader during the Olympics in Sydney and by calling an early election in 1998, he made the one and half terms an impossiblity. Then they looked like they going to lose in 2001 so Costello was just waiting to take over after the lose. But were saved by the MV Tampa and the Terrorist Attacks in America that created a perfect storm, that created the belief that Howard is bullet proof.
So now it seems that Costello is simply feed up and has finally cracked the sads. He can't win a party room vote, but that might not matter. Costello presents has given Howard some of his strength with the voters. Howard talks about Costello taking over if he goes under a bus and as Howard is 67 years old having a stroke or illness striking is a real possiblity. If Costello is no longer going to be part of the team, the Liberals will need a new 2IC and the candidates in the party are all certainly lacking appeal to with the voters. So in order to keep Costello hanging around he will have to give him some timeline of when Costello might have a chance of getting a shot.

Reflecting on Life

I had a friend die in a car crash a fortnight ago. However, I only found out last Monday and went on to the funeral later in the week.
As a result, I have been feeling strange. I guess I am going through the various stages of grief. I have been feeling guilty at times because I did not catch up with him more often as I hadn't seen him in a year. At one stage we were extremely close but we had drifted apart for years. In past year, he had actually changed quiet a bit and become extremely religious. This didn't really bother me but it was certainly a change from the boy I knew a few years ago.
Also think I might have picked on him a bit too but I don't think I was anywhere near as bad as others were. At stage, I blamed myself for his death as I told him I didn't want to live with him 3 years ago when we both looking for somewhere to live. In a stretch of the butterfly effect, I figure perhaps if I had of said okay, he would not have been on the trip he took when he had died.
At other stages, I have taken pleasure in the fact that his death has allowed me to catch with a lot of former mates that I have not seen in a long while. This joy then causes me guilt as well.
I have racked my brains for the last times I saw him and had some quality time with him. One of these was Steve Waugh's last innings that we watched at my then house back in 2005. This is significant as the first time we talked about anything it was cricket back in 1999.
Overall, I have just been feeling sad that I will never see him again and never be able to just spend a quiet few minutes talking to him about something. Despite not seeing him in a long time, I will miss him.

Male Tupperware Parties

I was trying to figure out why I struggle to get the right type of air tight containters to store my left overs in, and then it came to me: Men have no access to tupperware parties. This is an untapped market that I am sure could be explored.

Friday, July 07, 2006


I was think about launching a fashion line called "Clothing Victoria Northern Terrority" as a piss take on the French Connection UK stores. I think it would look good on a T-shirt.
As a sideline, it could have a line of scents. One of these would have to be "footy road trip" and would smell like stale VB, cigerette smoke and a hint of vomit.