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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Been busy doing nothing really

I am not sure why I have not blogged lately. Maybe it is that I have been able to get a bit more work and I have been hooked on Forex trading (90% return in a month). But perhaps I have run out of things to say. Not that I have not been commenting around the traps.
I have been considering joining one of the communal blogs so I would not have to post so often.
I am thinking about taking off overseas for a while. It is either that or make the film I have been talking about for years on a shoestring budget.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

You can tell the human race is going to shit when...

You leave a person to die just so you can get to the top. I don't know what drives people to climb Everest but in such a hostile enviroment, if you see someone in trouble surely you would offer some help. Mind you, most of people climbing the world's highest peak are doing so because of ego and you don't want to get in the way of that.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Nuclear Power

It looks as if we are going to have the debate we had to have. The Nuclear power debate is going to go into full swing. Nuclear energy is one of most misunderstood forms of energy.
  • The world is facing a energy crisis.
  • Australia sits on top of a shit load of Uranium.
  • There is also a shitload of Coal as well.
  • The world needs more energy and their are going to want to buy this uranium.
  • They also want to buy our coal.
  • We use are coal to generate power at the moment.
  • Moving Coal is going require more energy than moving a smaller amount of Uranium.
  • Ergo, we should burn coal to produce energy for ourselves and sell Uranium to others.
  • The waste problem is easily solved if we bury it in very deep holes in Western Australia where hardly anyone lives and the rocks have not moved in billions of years.
It is easy to talk about Chernobyl as what can go wrong, but Chernobyl was power plant that was built without any of the safe guards that are now in place. The Soviets loved to cut corners and at Chernobyl it cost lives. Yet, it is not a very good example of a nuclear power plant and therefore should not be used an example of what could go wrong.

The Greens are going to play the silly old arguments and will probably win over a large chunk of society. Yet, the Liberals will be able to start new mines and once in place they really can't be stopped. So the best policy is to play dead.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Car crash

I crashed my car. Not hurt. Just pissed off. Car is still drivable but may not be fixable to a standard that will prevent it being given a non-roadworth penalty. Probably not worth fixing either. If it will cost me a couple of hundred bucks, it might be better to say good bye to the car. The problem is I love the car. It used to be the family car until I turned 18. Then I shared it with my siblings and then it has been basically my car for the last two years.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Just when the ordeal looked like it had ended

After being stuck down the Beaconsfield mine for two weeks, Brant Webb and Todd Russell would probably have expected all the pain and suffering to have ended. But Channel Nine thought it would continue the suffering by forcing them to listen to a Shannon Noll*. I can't help but think the miners wished they were back down the mine at the moment.

* These are Vanessa Amarosi jokes being recycled.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Primary vote

Watching the 7.30 Report tonight, I heard Paul Keating going on about how the primary vote for the ALP is 38% and it needs to rise in order for the party to win an election. One of the reason the primary vote is so low however is the mass of voters who have moved from the left of the party to the Greens. The Greens are polling over 10% which is a record amount. Several percent of this would return if the ALP moved towards the left on things like refugees and tall trees. This would get the primary vote up to the levels that people talk about being that which is required to win an election. Of course, it would mean the ALP might not get as many preferences from the "others" that are also polling quite high and therefore mean the ALP would not win if they don't above 50% of the TPP. But the primary vote would be higher and that would make people like Keating and Shaun Carney*.

* Carney does seem to understand the idea of preferences very well.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Time for new shoes

I am going to have to go shopping for some new sneakers as the last thing I want to do is be mistaken for a terrorist. I can just see it now, they get a photo of me walking down my street, see the brand of my footware, mistake me for a bad guy and blast me away. Maybe not but can I afford to take the chance?

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Tonnes of Drugs

The drug "Ice" or "Crystal Meth" is the latest drug to be causing major problems here in Australia. The estimated number of users in Australia was 100,000. So this got me thinking about how many tonnes of this drug are used each year. If each user used an average of 10 grams* a week which means there is tonne used each week or 52 tonnes a year. That is about two semi-trailers full a year**. The more suprising thing is Customs found 15 tonnes last year, so they are not doing too badly if these crap calculations are correct.

* I have no idea if this an average amount.
** So applying the same logic that got the Americans into Iraq, all we have to do is find these two trailers.

Stone falls from the sky (or at least a tree)

Keith Richards fell out of a tree in Fiji. What on earth was he doing up the tree? Does he not realise that he is in his sixties (and its not the 60's)? Not to wish ill on anyone, but if he had of died as a result it would have gone down as one of the many odd rock and rock deaths.