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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Coverage of Larry

If I was living in North Queensland*, I would be a bit suprised at the lack of coverage that Cyclone Larry is getting in Victoria**. The Commonwealth Games is just everywhere and there is very little coverage of what is one of the biggest natural diasters in Australia in recent years. Normally the papers would be running pages and pages of photos of wreck houses and broken banana trees. When there are bush fires, where a few dozen of homes are lost, the media carries on as if it is the end of world. Yet, it is all about timing. So if you plan on losing your house, next time do it on a slow news day.

* I would also have a better tan.
** I don't know how the other states are going with this one as I am in Melbourne and haven't jetted up to Sydney to watch the six o'clock news in NSW this week.

Tamsyn Lewis bowls underarm

In what was the worst case of bad sportsmanship by an Australian team since 1981 and the underarm ball, Tamsyn Lewis succeed it winning a gold medal on a techinical mistake by the English relay team in 4 X 400 metres. There was no arguement that the Australian women were beaten by a massive margin by the English. There was no arguement that the position taken by the English third leg-runner interferred with the Australians either. So they won basically by cheating which I feel is a total disgrace and Lewis will have to live with the shame for the rest her career.

In the whole Jana Pittman verus Tamsyn Lewis fued, I blamed Jana without thinking. Perhaps I was wrong.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Straits of Hormuz

There is often talk that if Iran and US start to get hot and heavy, that Iran will close the Straits of Hormuz and force oil to sky rocket. Seriously this will not happen for several reasons. Firstly, the US navy has not be weakened like the US Army has by the war in Iraq. The Iranian Air forces and naval forces are not as strong as their army. Secondly, although Saudi Arabia was not too crash hot on the War in Iraq, I think they might give a shit about having their only source of income blocked off. That goes for a lot of the world too, if means being able to drive to the shops for less then the cost of the shopping. Thirdly, it is a small area and should be easily taken over if needed.

Monday, March 20, 2006

How long can China keep going?

China is going to keep on growing and we will be able to dig shit up and sell it to them forever. That is the basic view of the Howard plan for our ecconomy. But with over three hundred protests a day by the poor in China, I wonder how long it can keep going before the Chinese Communist Party is forced to be somewhat more communistic?

Elections in SA and Tassie

The ALP won both by quiet a margin. South Australia was basically a repeat of the situation that occurred in Victoria in the 2002 state election. A minority Labor government was re-elected in a land slide after proving that they could govern. The Tassie victory was not as big as the Hare-Clarke System doesn't allow landslides to occur. Needless to say, they are still a long way in front of the Liberals and a very long way in front of the greens.

So what does it mean? Well, basically it means the ALP might appear to be stuffed Federally but are working well at state level. Then again the Liberals are clearly stuffed in all the states. Anyone in the Liberal Party with an talent wants to get into the Federal parliament as it is really not very much fun in opposition.

Also, it means that the two Tasmanian Seats lost by ALP in 2004 are likely to return to the fold in 2007, after the loggers work out that the federal government's workplace deforms are going to stuff them as well.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Commonwealth Games

Firstly, I want to say Channel Nine is doing a really crap job. If you are not interested in blindly cheering for the Australians and want to actually see how other nations are going then you have to go to the internet. For example today, during the marathon they were busy showing heats of the swimming and only showing very rare updates on the marathon. It is not like Australia's best swimmers are not going to make the semi-finals, so there is no real point in showing these heats.

They also ignore the minor sports. There has not been a single boxing match without an Australian shown and the weightlifters seemed to win medals without anyone else being in the event. Mind you, bowls and shooting can both be quiet slow. The other thing that must piss people off is the fact tickets are still on sale, despite the warnings that it would impossible to purchase any outside of the ballots. There also seems to be a lot of shuttle buses with nobody on them circling the city.

Claims that the eyes of the world are watching is crap. Canada is get two hours of coverage a day and it is not rating very highly. As the games opening drew an Australian audience of four million, that would suggest that only one in five actually watched. I don't reckon as much attention was paid in other nations of the commonwealth.

One final thing I have noticed is that a massive amount of people either are working from home for the two weeks or they taken the time off to get the fuck out of the city. During the day, you can drive around the city like it is a Sunday afternoon and many of the car parks are empty. I am not sure, but this period of non-productivity can not be good for the state in the final analysis.

UPDATE: (20/3/06) Boxing matches with non-Australians shown because the lawn bowls with Aussies is starting late.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

A reason for testing

It looks as if a drug test in the UK has gone very badly wrong and a couple of test subjects are at death's door. While it is very sad for the people involved but it does re-enforce the need for testing of drugs on Animals. Animal tests were carried with this drug, however there was probably not as many of these tests as once would have been done. Perhaps if a few more tests were done, this nasty accident would not have occurred.
One of the reason why people do these tests is because they are paid. However, if the news of this fuck travels far and wide (in particular if any of the subjects dies) the amount of money is going to need to be increased by a lot.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Nelson makes sense

He reckons that they should not ask the question about illict drug use when interviewing people for jobs with the military. It makes sense in that you can either lie and get a job, or tell the truth and not get one. Considering that they want honest people in the military, it makes sense not to ask a question which is going to result in excluding a lot of people.
It almost makes a mockery of everyone who calls for conscription in order to straighten out the wayward youth as the wayward youth would be excluded on grounds that they have used drugs.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The meaning of Newspoll

Last year, Beazley refused to do anything about the factions in the ALP dispite the fact that almost except the faction leaders can see that it is a problem with the party. Newspoll comes out today with Beazley having a very large dissapproval rating. So what happens is the media blame those who pointed out the problems and not Beazley for attempting to do anything about it. It is as if they think that public aren't smart enough to see the branch stacking occuring and think that people will be happy have anyone holding their seat.
Frankly, one of the reasons why Beazley is polling so badly is the true believers and those on the fringe of the party don't see him to be doing anything that would make it more inclusive. True renewal of party will only occur if and only if more people are able to be involved and that is not going to happen if factions can do deals in the back room about who is going to be the party's candidates.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Back in the game

I burnt the motherboard out in my computer, therefore righting it off. I was too lazy to worry about trying to fix it, so I bought a $420 shit box which will keep me going for a few months until I get more money and I buy a laptop.

Anyway, how about that Cricket ODI in South Africa? My brother was there and I bet he would still be pissed off as the Aussies lost.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Out of Action for a while

My PC's motherboard was fried on Monday. So what does this mean? It means I am too lazy to go and buy a new motherboard and stick it in the old PC. It also means that I will have more time to build up a clear thought pattern (or so I claim).

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Aussies Cricketers up the creek

What the hell is going on with our cricket team? They got the pants flogged off them by the South Africans who they just wiped out in the VB series. Not having the Punter in the team sure makes a big difference and the bowling attack is very weakened by Pigeon staying home to be with his wife (as I think he should by the way). It is time these second level players stand up to the plate and shows what they have got.

Also, the footage of Bush playing cricket is very funny. He seems to be better bowler than the Howard.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Australia's Divorce rate

The most often quote stat which has very little backing is that 50% of marriages end in divorce. Journalists, commentators and people like them who don't really have a clue quote this statistic endlessly. The truth is far different. Taking a new-born population (therefore unmarried) the actual number of divorces would be around 32% of all their marriages. The reason why is the marriage rate is measured in terms of single people marrying and divorce rate is measured as the number of married people divorcing. Wikipedia's article on the subject is very enlightening.

And another thing, someone was suggesting the other day that most children are now growing up in single child households. Absolute crap. The majority of children are currently and will continue for sometime, to live a family with at least one sibling. In order for children with no siblings to over take those with siblings, the number of single child households would have to out number multiple child households by a ratio greater than two to one. So despite the fact that single child households are increasing, they need to reach a level above 70% for the majority of children to have no siblings. It is one of the reasons why it is reasonable easy to find people who grew up in large families.