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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

What the Greens should do

Normally I am not a big fan of the Greens in Australia and it is not likely they would listen to a good suggestion if it landed at their feet. So I am going to throw my suggestion out there and it will be ignored as predicted.
The reason the Greens failed to win a senate seat in Victoria was the ALP gave their preferences to the Family First party. This was probably not the way most ALP voters would have voted. What the Greens should do is other these ALP voters an alternative.
No, I am not suggesting the Greens showed try and get these voters to vote for them. What they need to get these voters to do is to give their preferences to the Greens after they vote for the ALP. Normally this would require getting people to fill all of the boxes below the line, yet with my scheme they could get a round it.
All they need to do is to organise a pair of people to run as an independent group who give their preferences to the ALP first, then the Greens, and then everyone else. The group of independents would only need to have a few thousand dollars and a half decent website explaining what they are doing. Using word of mouth amongst the politically aware members of the community it would be possible to a few percent of the vote which is all the greens need to remain in front of other groups contesting the final senate spot.
This would work and it is not being dishonest at all as the whole sale point would be explaining where the prefences would go. Yet, there would be no way in the world the Greens would follow this suggestion on the grounds that they want people to vote solely for them, not the ALP.

Iraq's descent into hell

There has been sadly over 1300 killings in the past week in Iraq. If that is not a civil war I am not sure what is. It is not as if the warning signs weren't there. Most people were just waiting for the flash point to be reached. I think last weeks attack might been that point. Anyone who can afford to has fled or tried to flee; as a result Iraq is suffering a major brain drain. I can see no future for the country. Very sad.

Monday, February 27, 2006


In the Sunday magazine of the Sunday Age, there was an article suggesting that in the near future, having more than one long-term significant other type relationship in one life will be seen as a positive. Further to that, it suggested that those who are lucky enough to have had a single permanent will be looked down upon and seen as somewhat of a loser.

Likewise, once it was considered normal to work in the same company or organisation for a large chunk of one’s life. Now, such a job history is frowned upon by recruiters and employers as it supposedly suggests that one lacks vision.

What this seems to suggest is that the quality of loyalty is no longer seen as a positive. And it generally seems if you are no ready to eat your own children to further your own personal gains, you are not going to get anywhere. Perhaps, if loyalty was a quality looked for by employers, they may not have as many problems with retaining staff.

Normally I am not one to rant on a about the lack of morality, yet I think one of the qualities that should highly valued in this world is loyalty. I found the suggestion that one could be judged on the number of personal relationships as offensive as judging one on the nature of such relationships. A lifelong relationship is a goal of many people and to suggest that achieving such goals equalities to a failure is really bizarre.

In reality, one of the inalienable rights of humanity is the right to pursue happiness. If that means have one major relationships or twenty-two in ones personal life (or having none), than a person should not be judge upon that. Nor if one has successfully managed to land themselves in a single career that they enjoy and in which they can earn enough to maintain them in a lifestyle that they are satisfied with, why should that be fawn upon?

P.S. This devaluing of loyalty also extends into the field of patriotism. Often those who claim to be the most patriotic will be the same people who drive luxury foreign made cars. They might love to cheer the Australian sportsmen and women to victory, yet will attempt to rip off the welfare system or cheat on their taxes. However, true loyalty to ones country however is looked down upon in preference for flag waving and lip service.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Richest people who don't exist

Forbes has a list of the 15 richest fictional characters in the World. That old fellow Santa Claus is who they think is the richest. Despite his charity work, Forbes reports that he has a darker side as he has objected to the elves unionising. Monty Burns comes in as 4th richest and Bruce Wayne as 8th. It is interesting to see what the Forbes journalists do in their spare time...
"Where the bloody hell are you?" Not holidaying in Australia clearly. And what was that the PM said about being too crude nowadays?

Costello tells those who don't believe in the Australian Way to fuck off. Fair enough, we are a democracy, but we no longer tolarate thought crime. Anyway I think he meant to say "Johnny fuck off".

Australian Government today said the Dubai Ports takeover of P&O is not a security risk. The American congress is just nuts. They don't understand that where commerce is involved, it doesn't matter who you are.

SBS is not showing a SouthPark episode as it might be offend Christians. I think most episodes of SouthPark offend someone, so why should this one be any different.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Not missed that much

I was home for a few days and I don't think anyone missed me much. I went home to spend time with my siblings and parents. I like my parents a lot lot but my siblings are not what they used to be. They seem to be very self-centrered. It got me thinking however, that I don't really miss seeing them much but what I do miss is what we used to do together.
Likewise, when I catch up with people I was friends with when I first moved to Melbourne and I discover I have very little in common with them. The same with the kids I went to high school with. I read sometimes in the papers that this person has had a kid or got married but it really means nothing to me any more. Not that I dislike them or anything, Most are fine people
Then I thought about why I fail to keep in contact with most of these people. I guess I am not missed that much by them either. Nobody really notices when I am not there any more.
I am not really sure what it all means. Maybe one day I will.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The maths behind Dana Vale's suggestion

According to the last two census held in 1996 and 2001, Australia's muslim population grew from 200,000 to 280,000 in that 5 year period (Data from the ABS website). Thus the growth rate for the Australian Muslim population was around about 7% pa when compounding is taken into account. A fairly large percentage of this was caused by immigration which has since been slowed by the federal government (from a reduction in family reunion visa and increase in skilled employment visas).
So I would suggest that the growth rate has slowed somewhat in past five years. But even if hasn't it means there are 397,000 muslims in Australia today. So I will use that as a base figure. If that growth rate was to be substained it would mean that in 50 years there would be approx. 11 million muslims within Australia. The overall Australian population will be at least 35 million (at its current growth rate of 1.5%). So Muslims will still be out number by non-muslims.
However, to maintain a growth rate of 7% would require large scale immigration or the need for muslim women to push out a lot of babies. A huge amount of babies.
Take that 397,000 muslims who are at the moment in Australia. Only half of them are going to be female and then some are going to beyond the age of having kids. So lets say there are 150,000 fertile muslim women in Australia (a figure that is far too high, but again I will use it). And there will about two generations between today and fifty years from now. That will require 11.4 on average per female in the muslim population for two generations if there was no immigration. I know some females manage to have that many kids but even for muslims that is a BIG family. To totally over-take the non-muslim population in 50 years would require 14.4 children per woman. This is assuming that no body dies within the muslims community either which is just a silly assumption.
As can simply be seen, we are not about to be overrun by muslims in 50 years time and Dana Vale's suggestion is way off the mark. Outside of Sydney and Melbourne, there are a lot less muslims then people think. The reason why they are noticed is because the women in particular tend to stand out from the crowd like a sore thumb.

Monday, February 13, 2006

With friends like these

When the Vice-President of USA starts shooting major donors to his political party, what hope is there for the rest of us? If he can't handle a gun, how is he supposed to handle having his finger on the button? I think Dick Cheney is the first Vice-President to shot someone since Aaron Burr shot Alexander Hamiliton in a duel in 1804.

Monday, February 06, 2006

When the Nuts go crazy

"Stick and Stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me". Someone should tell this to the Muslims who are going nuts about a handful cartoons which they say are hurtful.
I see the whole case as a case of freedom of speech. Seriously if we are not allowed to suggest negative aspects of a religion, we might as well pack up and go home. I am please to say that many people from across the political spectrum have defend this right to free speech.
It reminds me of when the infamous photo "Piss christ" went on display here in Melbourne in 1998. Then many of the religious nuts (those of the christian faith) when nuts and demanded the photograph be removed. In the end some mugs decided to try and attack it with a hammer. It was a tragic set of events that should th0se want torelence of their beliefs cannot handle criticism of those same belief.