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Saturday, November 11, 2006

State Election Update

A few points:
1. The ALP ads attacking Baillieu for backing the closure of schools in the 90's and making the point about his real estate agency selling the sites I think might have bittern a little. I heard people discussing it on a tram, so it has engaged people a little I guess.
2. The Liberals don't appear to have as much money as they are not running as many ads. Perhaps they holding back for the last two weeks. Also the ads feature Baillieu heavily and if the ALP's ads have indeed hurt then this might be part of the reason.
3. Bracks has not featured too heavily in the ALP's ads. This is a change from four years ago and the 1999 elections. He is not the trump card he used to be.
4. Family First decided to turn up in front of the media with baseball bats wearing t-shirts with their party's logo. It might have seemed like a good idea at the time but those photos might very easily come back to bite them in the arse at some stage. For example, If there is ever a case of violence committed by a party member, that footage is going turn up in the news reports. Neither major party would have allowed their members to be so reckless.
5. The Liberals seem to be intent on killing off the Vic Nats. Not sure if that is such a good thing as they will be needed one for the Liberals to win power again. Rural independents are not going to be any more friendly to the Libs than the Nats and that is what they will get if the Vic Nats are killed off.


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