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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Not much much has been happening

I have been drinking a lot recently, almost as much as back in my Uni days. I might have to lay over the juice for a while after this week. There are just a lot people to catch up with before I disappear in a few weeks.
In other news, the Victorian State Election is so exciting I think people are just dying to pull out the razor blades and get over with. Normally an election gets me going but as there is so little chance of much changing I am just avoiding it.
The US midterms are looking somewhat more interesting. But again it ain't going to change much even if the Democrates win both houses. The timing of Saddam's guilty verdict as I already pointed out was so clearly timed to happen just before these elections, I think about half the world is able to see that. Pity not very many of them are Americans.
There was a strange liquid that feel for the sky the other day. It turns out it was rain. I was getting a bit worried that it would never rain again. I am still worried. The Murray has only eight months of water left and then we are really in the shit. What do we do if it never rains again?


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