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Sunday, November 12, 2006

International Rules

Australia played Ireland last weekend. Like the past few years the game turned into a punch on and a few of the non-professional Irish players ended up being injuried badly. The game of International Rules itself is a good game. It is fast and fairly interesting. However, everyone dismisses the series as a joke except the AFL who insist that it helping to grow the game. The Irish aren't happy as they tend to get belted by professional AFL players.
What needs to be done is the rules need to be clearer and the violence has to be toned down. The easiest way to that is to make punishment really count. That means missing AFL games for acts of thuggery.
If the Irish do walk away from the sport, the blame should be leveled on the AFL leadership as it is their inaction that has resulted in the GAA being really upset about the state of the game.


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