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Saturday, September 23, 2006

A new take on an old idea

It seems to be there is a move to try and reintroduce something not unlike the White Australia policy. The old dictation test that could be given in any European language was a way of pretending not to discriminate against the Asians, Indians, Blacks and basically anyone the government didn't want in the country. There was even a classic high court case as to whether Welsh was a European language (oddly rule it was not).
Anyway, given the sudden rush to find a way of keeping those who don't value Australian values out, there is a fairly simple test that should be undertaken at citizenship cermonies. That is the need to drink a beer or a glass of wine (for women only). Clearly, the beer would have to not be Tooheys as we don't want nobody to come to the country. That way it would keep out those of the muslim faith. Or to go the whole hog, there could be a complusory ham sandwich. That would keep the Muslims, Jews and veggos out of the country. That would keep all the racists and bigots happy.

Or we could behave like a rational nation and just vet out the few radicals who give the vast majority of migrants a bad name. That is probably the most sensible thing to do.


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