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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Canberra and saying goodbye to Melbourne

I am moving to Canberra in three months time. This is the first time I have moved city since I moved to Melbourne in 1999. Except that was not actually a change of city so much as a change to a city.
Although I am somewhat nervous, I remember that some of the best times I have had in Melbourne were when I just after I moved here. Mind you, I had was just turned 18 so things did have a haze of alcohol at that time.
Anyway, I have few things to get done. The first is finding somewhere to live. The thing that suprises me is the high price of rents in Canberra. They seem to be about what I am currently paying in Mebourne, so it is not like I won't be able to cope. But I guess there is a fairly high demand there. I am not too sure if I should return to share living given that I have been living by myself for three years and I am not used to it.
Another thing I will need to do is get rid of some of the crap I have gathered over the past three or so years.


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