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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Another Random Idea or two

I was thinking about the outcome of the last five major wars that USA have been involved in. The Korean War was basically a draw. Vietnam was a loss. First Gulf War was a win. Afghanistan and Iraq are still ongoing but they don't seem to going to too well. That makes only one seriously major victory in 60 odd years.
One thing that makes Gulf War One stand out is that a clear goal was set and obtained (Get the Iraqis out of Kuwait). They then went home.
Afghanistan at first looked like a victory because it seemed to have a clear goal of getting the Taliban out of power so as to not allow Al Queda a base. But then the mission goal got mixed up and they now appear to be in more trouble.
The Iraq War had such an open end goal, create a democratic nation that is a beacon to the region, that it was never going to be a success.
America can win almost all the battles but it struggles to win wars.


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