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Sunday, August 06, 2006

What was Ten thinking?

Channel Ten has been forced to can "Yasmin's getting married". The show was ill panned and frankly it was boring. I tried to watch and I could get about half a minute into it before I was sick off it. It was pityful television and it high time TV channels in Australia start making real TV and not this crap "reality" that is so forced. And I could not see how a program like that was every going to be succesful as it just did not appeal at all to half the potential viewers: males.

I also think Australia Idol is looking old and worn out. The first four shows are the same crap they are every year. Half decent singers about 20% of the time and really bad singers the rest who are clearly expecting to get bagged by the judges. It might have been funny the first time but the eighty time it most certainly not. We have seen it before and I can't see it gaining viewers until they get into the real contest.

And what is the point of the Steph Show being on on Fridays as it just results in the regular Simpson watching crowd turning over to the news services? It again is boring TV.


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