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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Sititng Ducks should fly soon

Okay, I know I have change position on the Aussie Troops in Iraq on the grounds that they are saving Iraqi lives by stopping the American Troops from shooting them. But I think the time has come for them to get the fuck out quickly. Iran is not going to back down on the Nuclear programs and things are going to get ugly. The Australians should leave before this occurs.
The Americans also need to get out or else they will be sitting ducks for the Iranians. Iran could stir the south of Iraq up so much that the supply lines to the Americans in the middle could very well be caught in a situation that makes the Iranian Hostage look like a church picnic and the battle of Khe Shan look like an average day in the office. There is no point in carrying a big stick if that stick is shown to be a lot weaker than believed.
Just leave Iraq to fight its own civil war.


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