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Friday, August 25, 2006

Pluto, oh no, Pluto

Pluto got the arse. A bit sad but sometimes these things happen. The problem is really with grouping the planets altogether. The planets as they are stand now without Pluto are really just two groups, Earth-like or Terra planets and Jupiter-like gas giants or Jovian planets. Pluto and its new friend are just Pluto-like drawf planets. It was because the IAU feared that there would be flood of these objects that they dropped Pluto after a half-a-dozen or so was found.
Add the asteriod belt and the Oort disc objects and there are really many different parts to our solar system. Really, the term "Planet" should be the term dropped; after all it is Greek for "wanderers" which planets don't really do, being in fixed orbits.


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