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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Iraq - Australian troops should stay

I have changed my tune on Iraq. I no longer believe that the Australian troops should get out. No, I have not changed my opinion that the war was wrong and fairly stupid. No, Why I think the Australians should stay for the time been is that they have only shot four people since mid-2003*. In the South of Iraq where the majority of the troops are they have not shot at anyone at all.
In comparsion, the Americans are dealing with reports of murder civillians and have caused the deaths of several hundred of Iraqis in accidents. Even given that the Americans have 20 times more troops in the country, the Australians are showing how much better they are at fighting this type of warfare.
Thus, the reason I don't want the Australians withdrawn in the short term is that they will only be replaced by more Americans who are likely to make a mess of all the good work done by the Australians.

*3 of which are known to have lived.


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