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Monday, May 08, 2006

Primary vote

Watching the 7.30 Report tonight, I heard Paul Keating going on about how the primary vote for the ALP is 38% and it needs to rise in order for the party to win an election. One of the reason the primary vote is so low however is the mass of voters who have moved from the left of the party to the Greens. The Greens are polling over 10% which is a record amount. Several percent of this would return if the ALP moved towards the left on things like refugees and tall trees. This would get the primary vote up to the levels that people talk about being that which is required to win an election. Of course, it would mean the ALP might not get as many preferences from the "others" that are also polling quite high and therefore mean the ALP would not win if they don't above 50% of the TPP. But the primary vote would be higher and that would make people like Keating and Shaun Carney*.

* Carney does seem to understand the idea of preferences very well.


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