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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Nuclear Power

It looks as if we are going to have the debate we had to have. The Nuclear power debate is going to go into full swing. Nuclear energy is one of most misunderstood forms of energy.
  • The world is facing a energy crisis.
  • Australia sits on top of a shit load of Uranium.
  • There is also a shitload of Coal as well.
  • The world needs more energy and their are going to want to buy this uranium.
  • They also want to buy our coal.
  • We use are coal to generate power at the moment.
  • Moving Coal is going require more energy than moving a smaller amount of Uranium.
  • Ergo, we should burn coal to produce energy for ourselves and sell Uranium to others.
  • The waste problem is easily solved if we bury it in very deep holes in Western Australia where hardly anyone lives and the rocks have not moved in billions of years.
It is easy to talk about Chernobyl as what can go wrong, but Chernobyl was power plant that was built without any of the safe guards that are now in place. The Soviets loved to cut corners and at Chernobyl it cost lives. Yet, it is not a very good example of a nuclear power plant and therefore should not be used an example of what could go wrong.

The Greens are going to play the silly old arguments and will probably win over a large chunk of society. Yet, the Liberals will be able to start new mines and once in place they really can't be stopped. So the best policy is to play dead.


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