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Monday, April 10, 2006

When the Underdog roars

Australia's cricket team has been used to winning. They have got so use to it that when they lost the Ashes last year it was a mamouth suprise. And most people wrote it off as a blimp on the radar. But now things are looking different.
Bangladesh is a nation that many people have said should not be even be playing test cricket. They have only ever won one test. But now they punching above their weight. After scoring 427 against the Aussie, they at one stage had the Aussie at 6/93.
It is unlikely they will win the match, but they will be able to hold their heads high tonight. For when you are the underdog, it is really the small victories that taste the sweetest. One day in the future when they have had more practice, they might win a series against some test playing nations but it probably will not feel as good as performing well against the Aussie at the moment.


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