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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The growth of cricket

The editor of Wisden has attacked the ICC for basically being money grubbing and talk of expansion when in reality there is very little chance that supposed growth markets like the USA and China are ever going to take up the game in huge numbers. The only people who generally play there are the expats from cricket playing nations. It would make more sense to make the game stronger in existing areas and make sure it doesn't lose ground like it has in the West Indies.
This is also the problem the AFL has, when it comes to talk about expanding worldwide interest, it tries for the USA before anywhere else. And locally it is talking about a team on the Gold Coast, where as it would make more sense to get a team in Tassie and Canberra before it tries elsewhere.

UPDATE: (13/4/06) Aussies beat Bangladesh. Nice to see that it was actually a real match, but it perhaps says something about the amount of cricket being played as well. At the moment, there is simply too much cricket being played by the same players. It is going to burn out players. Afridi quit test cricket yesterday. There needs to be fewer series that mean nothing. Less ODI's matches. In particular, Australia's summer tri-series should be cut to nine games and one final.


  • At 10:53 pm, April 12, 2006, Blogger Razib Ahmed said…

    This is the main problem with modern cricket. Except South Asia
    (Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka), cricket is losing ground everywhere
    else. Even in England, cricket is now nowhere near the popularity of football.
    On other hand, wherever there is a large South Asian immigrant community,
    Cricket has good prospect. Wisden bosses should carry out research on how to
    make it popular in USA. I am happy
    that Indian cricket board has
    decided toplay some of its home matches in USA
    . This way, cricket will have
    a new maket. I wish other SOuth Asian countgries and West Indies do the same.


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