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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Dumbarse Doyle

Robert Doyle showed what a twat he really is today when he launch the state Liberals policy on speed cameras. This proved such a winning formula last time they tried it, what with the lost of 20 odd seats. The majority of drivers don't regularly get speeding tickets and those which do get them on a regular basis are a minority. It is a classic example of the 20-80 rule where 20% of the population accounts for 80% of the tickets. Plus a large percentage of the electorate doesn't drive or drives not very often.
As a result, their policy is easily counted by the state ALP. All they have to do is drag out a few victims of road accidents and the Liberals policy is crushed. Doyle is a moron if he thinks this a winning strategy. The No tolls policy is only going to affected those that drives in the Eastern Suburbs and will win them a half a dozen seats (all of which they normally would hold) but there is little chance of win many others. As a result Doyle is screwed and should really hand over to a leader.
Not that I really give a crap as the only reason I care about having an effective opposition is that it might ensure Bracks and co. are forced to be somewhat cleaner.


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