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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The meaning of Newspoll

Last year, Beazley refused to do anything about the factions in the ALP dispite the fact that almost except the faction leaders can see that it is a problem with the party. Newspoll comes out today with Beazley having a very large dissapproval rating. So what happens is the media blame those who pointed out the problems and not Beazley for attempting to do anything about it. It is as if they think that public aren't smart enough to see the branch stacking occuring and think that people will be happy have anyone holding their seat.
Frankly, one of the reasons why Beazley is polling so badly is the true believers and those on the fringe of the party don't see him to be doing anything that would make it more inclusive. True renewal of party will only occur if and only if more people are able to be involved and that is not going to happen if factions can do deals in the back room about who is going to be the party's candidates.


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