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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Coverage of Larry

If I was living in North Queensland*, I would be a bit suprised at the lack of coverage that Cyclone Larry is getting in Victoria**. The Commonwealth Games is just everywhere and there is very little coverage of what is one of the biggest natural diasters in Australia in recent years. Normally the papers would be running pages and pages of photos of wreck houses and broken banana trees. When there are bush fires, where a few dozen of homes are lost, the media carries on as if it is the end of world. Yet, it is all about timing. So if you plan on losing your house, next time do it on a slow news day.

* I would also have a better tan.
** I don't know how the other states are going with this one as I am in Melbourne and haven't jetted up to Sydney to watch the six o'clock news in NSW this week.


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