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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Commonwealth Games

Firstly, I want to say Channel Nine is doing a really crap job. If you are not interested in blindly cheering for the Australians and want to actually see how other nations are going then you have to go to the internet. For example today, during the marathon they were busy showing heats of the swimming and only showing very rare updates on the marathon. It is not like Australia's best swimmers are not going to make the semi-finals, so there is no real point in showing these heats.

They also ignore the minor sports. There has not been a single boxing match without an Australian shown and the weightlifters seemed to win medals without anyone else being in the event. Mind you, bowls and shooting can both be quiet slow. The other thing that must piss people off is the fact tickets are still on sale, despite the warnings that it would impossible to purchase any outside of the ballots. There also seems to be a lot of shuttle buses with nobody on them circling the city.

Claims that the eyes of the world are watching is crap. Canada is get two hours of coverage a day and it is not rating very highly. As the games opening drew an Australian audience of four million, that would suggest that only one in five actually watched. I don't reckon as much attention was paid in other nations of the commonwealth.

One final thing I have noticed is that a massive amount of people either are working from home for the two weeks or they taken the time off to get the fuck out of the city. During the day, you can drive around the city like it is a Sunday afternoon and many of the car parks are empty. I am not sure, but this period of non-productivity can not be good for the state in the final analysis.

UPDATE: (20/3/06) Boxing matches with non-Australians shown because the lawn bowls with Aussies is starting late.


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