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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

What the Greens should do

Normally I am not a big fan of the Greens in Australia and it is not likely they would listen to a good suggestion if it landed at their feet. So I am going to throw my suggestion out there and it will be ignored as predicted.
The reason the Greens failed to win a senate seat in Victoria was the ALP gave their preferences to the Family First party. This was probably not the way most ALP voters would have voted. What the Greens should do is other these ALP voters an alternative.
No, I am not suggesting the Greens showed try and get these voters to vote for them. What they need to get these voters to do is to give their preferences to the Greens after they vote for the ALP. Normally this would require getting people to fill all of the boxes below the line, yet with my scheme they could get a round it.
All they need to do is to organise a pair of people to run as an independent group who give their preferences to the ALP first, then the Greens, and then everyone else. The group of independents would only need to have a few thousand dollars and a half decent website explaining what they are doing. Using word of mouth amongst the politically aware members of the community it would be possible to a few percent of the vote which is all the greens need to remain in front of other groups contesting the final senate spot.
This would work and it is not being dishonest at all as the whole sale point would be explaining where the prefences would go. Yet, there would be no way in the world the Greens would follow this suggestion on the grounds that they want people to vote solely for them, not the ALP.


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