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Monday, February 27, 2006


In the Sunday magazine of the Sunday Age, there was an article suggesting that in the near future, having more than one long-term significant other type relationship in one life will be seen as a positive. Further to that, it suggested that those who are lucky enough to have had a single permanent will be looked down upon and seen as somewhat of a loser.

Likewise, once it was considered normal to work in the same company or organisation for a large chunk of one’s life. Now, such a job history is frowned upon by recruiters and employers as it supposedly suggests that one lacks vision.

What this seems to suggest is that the quality of loyalty is no longer seen as a positive. And it generally seems if you are no ready to eat your own children to further your own personal gains, you are not going to get anywhere. Perhaps, if loyalty was a quality looked for by employers, they may not have as many problems with retaining staff.

Normally I am not one to rant on a about the lack of morality, yet I think one of the qualities that should highly valued in this world is loyalty. I found the suggestion that one could be judged on the number of personal relationships as offensive as judging one on the nature of such relationships. A lifelong relationship is a goal of many people and to suggest that achieving such goals equalities to a failure is really bizarre.

In reality, one of the inalienable rights of humanity is the right to pursue happiness. If that means have one major relationships or twenty-two in ones personal life (or having none), than a person should not be judge upon that. Nor if one has successfully managed to land themselves in a single career that they enjoy and in which they can earn enough to maintain them in a lifestyle that they are satisfied with, why should that be fawn upon?

P.S. This devaluing of loyalty also extends into the field of patriotism. Often those who claim to be the most patriotic will be the same people who drive luxury foreign made cars. They might love to cheer the Australian sportsmen and women to victory, yet will attempt to rip off the welfare system or cheat on their taxes. However, true loyalty to ones country however is looked down upon in preference for flag waving and lip service.


  • At 3:58 am, March 05, 2006, Blogger Caitlin said…

    I agree but I think it's not just a matter of companies looking for loyal employees. Employees will show loyalty to companies if the companie show loyalty to them. The commitment needs to go both ways in the world of work just as it does in real life.


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