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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

With friends like these

The Nationals are a bit upset about their friends the Liberals doing them over. Not that they have been done over to badly. They have only lost one senator and one ministry. It is not like they hold the balance of power in the Senate and the house (just). And just because the Libs have cut their lunch and rubbed the Nats noses in it, does not mean they can't be friends. The Nats don't have the balls to go out on their own and therefore will be forced to be a lapdog to the Liberals for the rest of the time they exist (a few more elections).
Plus the more extreme Liberals really hate having the Nats on board with them. They can tell that they would win more than half of the Nats seats off them if they end the argeement. Plus it does not the Nats anywhere else to go.


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