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Monday, January 23, 2006

Twenty 20 is the future

On Saturday, the mighty Victorian Bushrangers defeated the New South Wales Blues in Australia's first domestic Twenty 20 final. And I have to say it sign of things to come. That is not to say that Tests and ODIs do not have a place in the world of cricket nor should we get rid of the domestic versions. However, I can see Twenty 20 have a very big place.
Firstly, the crowds seem to love it. Maybe part of this is novelty of playing a new style but a three hour game is more attractive to families and to the television market. It is just a pity that the domestic series was not shown on TV.
It is generally agreed that there is too many ODIs played now that mean nothing. They are just still five or seven game series between the same two nations. Perhaps that could be reduced to say three ODI's and three Twenty 20's.
There is also scope for an International Twenty 20 competition between the winning team in the domestic 20-20 competitions from around the world. This could be like the World Club Championships for Soccer.


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