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Monday, January 16, 2006

Get a new Idea for a ID card

The call for a National ID card has gone out yet again. I oppose it on the grounds that it will serve no single purpose that other cards do not and therefore it will be a waste of money. A huge waste of money, one suggestion has been it could cost $15 billion or $750 per head, which I don't think is too far wrong. Firstly, it will involve linking eight different police forces computer systems plus those of DFAT, Centrelink, ATO, a range of agencies in the defence department and health departments as well as the various records offices of births, deaths and marriages.
Then there is need to photograph and produce a card for every single Australian. There is a 20.4 million of us and although it could easily be done in cities and major centres for only a few billion dollars, it is often forgotten that over a million Australians live in communities of less than 5000, getting to them is going to cost just as much.
Certainly, it could help cut down on tax cheating and rats who hold out of child support payments. But these benefits that would come form the card would most likely just come from the link of the databases of all the difference information holders listed before. Therefore, I suggest that we do know develop a national ID card but instead throw the money at linking the databases and create a psuedo ID card where any form of photo ID can serve to identify a person for a bunch of different tasks.


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