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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The failed experiment of the Super Sub

In ODI cricket the Super sub is not really working as well as it should. The problem is the team has to nominate the Super Sub before the toss. Therefore, the team doesn't know what it is going to need. For example, it would be useful if the team is bowling first to have a batsman as the Super Sub, or likewise a bowler if the team was batting. Instead the Super Subs are generally a sub-standard all rounder so that they can do before.
Like on Sunday, Australia's super-sub was James Hopes who look as if he was going to be required to bat in the place of one the bowlers in the first innings. This would have limited the bowling attack in the second innings. If the Aussies had known they were batting first they could have named Hopes in the starting line up and Supersub one of the bowlers, like Oh Ah.
Others, the team could gamble like South Africa did today by naming a batsman as the SuperSub and hope they win the toss.


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