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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Between a rock and a HAMAS place

HAMAS won the elections in Palestine. Who could have forseen that an extremist group could make electoral gains against a corrupt more moderate group?
Yeah, I know. It is not like it has happened anywhere else in the world. Except perhaps Cuba in 1959, Iran in 1979, South Vietnam in the 70's....
So you think it was Fatah's corruption was the main reason for HAMAS winning?
Put simply yes. Instead of attempting to establish a moderate rival to Fatah, the international community kept trying to prop up Fatah.
So what is wrong with HAMAS?
A lot. For one thing, everyone says they are a terrorist organisation. They also want to wipe out Israel which is not a nice thing to do.
What do you think it will mean for the peace process?
I think it will make it extremely hard to get a two state solution for the next ten years. Not that I think a two state solution is the way to go anyway. I can't see a nation that is divided by another working. It didn't work for Pakistan, that is for sure.
What other solutions are there?
Well, there is the status quo but that is clearly not working. The best solution I reckon is a one state solution where they all live together in peace.
But nobody talks about that?
I know. The problem lies in the fact that Israel wants to be a Jewish state and there will soon be more Palestinines than Israelis if current birth rates continue. Perhaps it just that it so hard for me to understand how one can be at war with people in the next suburb over.
A little off the track but is there any lesson that can be learnt from the Hamas victory?
Deal with the corruption in your ranks or else a group who you think is worst you will win.


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