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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Are there too many people in this world?

The topic of the world's population is one of those areas that most people fear to tread. And understandable too, for it means driving in areas of morals and ethics that most people don't like to go. However, I heard it being discussed on the radio earlier and it got me thinking.
One thing I realised is that the whole is not short of food or the ability to produce food. There are famines but these generally occur because of the inability to get the existing food to the people who need it because of a lack of inferstructure or wars and the cost of supplying to such areas. The price of wheat per tonne has not increased dramatically as many in the past have suggested it would do over-population.
Clean Water is another problem but it really just an issue of supply also, albit one that involves relocating masses of people or huge amounts of water. Energy is a problem but if we every get fusion working then we won't have a problem. As to our effect on the enviroment, it would not matter if we had a billion or ten billion people as we have already altered it so dramatically that it can never be restored to its past glory.
So I don't know if there are too many people in this world or not, but I do know that the human race has managed to cope with some extraordinary changes and we will probably cope with the consequences of our own existance.


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