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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Goodbye to 2005

2005 is going to end today and I am happy to see it go. There were too many diasters and Australia become a less likable place to live. Both Federal and State governments have given me the shits at times.
For example, the federal governments IR changes are just going to screw those least able to afford it and there simple inability to do anything about the illegal fishing shows that they aren't willing to crack down on a harmful practice if nobody is going to see it occur.
The Victorian government only really annoy me when it comes to the way they over use spin; the Parking levy is a classic example as they claim it will stop congestion in the city where as it will just result in parking prices going up.
The fiasco that occurred in Cronulla a couple weeks back is clearly an example of society that has allowed things to get out of hand and has trouble to acknowledging that problems do exist.
So onwards to 2006, hopefully things pick up and we find our way again.

Friday, December 30, 2005

Boxing Day Test

I went to first three days of the test. All good and fine. Got a little sun brunt on the cheast but that is all good and dandy. My real grizzle is going to be about Symonds. Here is someone who really shouldn't be in the team who makes a bunch of quick runs when the pressure is kinda off and now he will stay in the team until the next he fails when he is needed to perform.
Other than that, I would say Gilchrist might want to plan on quitting one form of the game (either ODI or tests) to prolong his career.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Self Doubt

I got told off today at work for wearing sneakers. Like it fucking matters if I am sneakers. All I do is sit in a room waiting for people who are too stupid to work the machines to buzz me and then I have to walk outside of my office to them to help them out. Really, it is just the new boss trying to claim some authority over me. It doesn't help that he has become such a company man since he was bumped up from his old job. I went for his old job but was rejected on the grounds that... I am not sure actually after his speech to me, something about give a fuck about my job. And quiet frankly I don't.
He wants me and two others to be teamleaders. This means more work and no more money. Fuck that I say. Actually I said do what you want with me, as I really don't give a fuck. I was planning on quitting anyway in a couple of months. It is not like I can't get another job, it is just I have not been putting my full arse into finding a real job.
I do this because I am racked by self doubt. I used to think that I was fairly smart (if unable to fucking spell). Then I spent two years looking for a job whilst stuck in my sole destorying work.
Basically, all my problems come from my own self doubt.
Take for example my lack action with the ladies. In reality, it is not that I am ugly and haven't got a fucking clue that is the problem. It is just that I don't put any effort into it. I could probably get laid a fucking lot more. Likewise, if I re-did my resume and apply for more jobs I really come tell the boss to stick it up his arse (not that I would as I don't burn bridges).

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Multiculturalism will eat itself

The other week I went to a Hindu wedding. Actually, only the bride was Indian. The groom was of northern European descent. All I can really say about the wedding is it extremely long and dry to boot. Anyway, it got me thinking about the nature of our society as it stands.
The longer groups of people live in the same area the more likely they are to interact, intermarry and therefore interbred. Thus, there will be many members of the community with a mixture of backgrounds and therefore will no longer identify with the ethnic groups of their backgrounds. This can already be seen in the majority of people descented from the Irish, English, Scots, Dutch etc. that arrived pre World War 2. It is slowly starting to happen to the groups that arrived in the post war migration schemes and will in the future happen with the Asians and Lebanese over time.
Thus a Multicultural society is only really a stepping stone on the way to a polycultural society where the members come from so many different backgrounds that.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Police Numbers

Clearly there were too few police dealing with the riots on Sunday and Monday. There were 60 odd police at the protest on Sunday at Cronulla and probably a few dozen more around the rest of Sutherland Shire. That was simply far too few for a protest of the size and feeling of the one at the beach. With the violent extreme left protests there is often a ratio of one cop to every three or four protesters. It was not like the protest had not been planned, it got wide spread media coverage in the lead up and the reports of text meassages calling for violence were all over the place.
Then the incidents on Sunday Night could easily have been stopped with a few brain cells being used. Blind Freddy could have seen that the television reports of the thuggery at Cronulla was going to act like a red rag to a bull and there was going to be a "revenge" attacks that night. But instead of drafting in ever cop that could drive a cop to get the heck down there to close down the area, the high command tried to deal with with existing numbers. It just wasn't going to work.
Likewise on Monday, there was only 150 cops on duty in the area. Again it is not as like the rioting was not predicted to continue. Again, ratbags and thugs went crazy. Come Tuesday there was 450 police on patrol and they effectly closed down the area to outsiders. Very little violence was able to be carried out because they were able to catch the dickheads in the act. Even less was carried out last night with the same sort of numbers of police. Cooler heads will soon prevail but the true test will be on the weekend.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Mob Violence in Cronulla

It is interesting to note that the somewhat organized gangs have declared that they wish not to be involved in the rioting and both condemed the violence. It seems to be they might have something to lose and can see the rational point in getting things to died down. In a way this is positive, but it does mean the mobs that are rioting don't have an leadership and therefore any truce will be hard to come by.

There is no justification for either Sunday action at Cronulla or the "revenge" attacks. Anyone who attempts to justify either believes in the Easter Bunny.

Where does the cab go?

Where does the cab go at the end of Donald Trumps' show go? Do they take the sacked person straight to the airport or do they just take them to a studio so they can do the final thoughts?

How stupid can you be?

Is a flower really worth climbing into a Lion's den for? What the heck do they put up fences for? Is it is just a guild that is there for the benefit of others? They don't call lions man eaters because they will eat me if I get too close? The finger will grow back, won't it? Sometimes you just have to wonder.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Fake Birthday

I got a letter from a Night club the other day wishing me a happy birthday. I could understand why until I remember that two years ago I filled in form at club I was at with a bunch of friends and we thought it would be funny to all fill in the same date, so that we could use our personal drinks cards all together. Mystery solved.

Christmas Present Shopping

No looking forward to it at all. In fact, I hate shopping as I always buy the crappiest gifts. Luckly my brother is overseas and therefore doesn't require a present until he comes back to Australia.
I enjoy Christmas parties. In fact if you are smart you can turn up to any workplaces' party provided you are a little late and whoever is manning the door is half tanked or past out.
I dislike Christmas dinner. I don't get really like baked ham and Turkey makes me sleepy.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Tools and Fools

Let me just say Sydney doesn't make a look of sense to me at the best of times. But what were the fools who gathered at Cronulla today hoping to gain? When has the word "bash" ever been a positive thing to suggest doing*? It just does seem to make a lot of sense to me.

* As a verb "bash", not the noun "Bash". We all love a good party.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Telstra Share prices keeps going down

There are about ~2 million Telstra Shareholders directly who bought shares in the orginial two floats, ~9 million indirectly via superfunds and ~20 million indirectly via Australia Citizenship. The orginial price of the float was $2.70 per share if I remember rightly way back in 1998 and the second float was over $7 two years later. About 10 minutes ago, the price was $3.84. The people who bought in the second float that sold 16% clearly got screwed and those who got into the first 33% have really not made a good investment. The funniest thing is the government got more money from the second float than the first despite the fact that less than half as many shares were offered. The governments holding of 51% is now worth only $24 billion, yet it is bring in $2 billion a year meaning the return is also 9%. Good luck getting that much of a return of any other investment. So now is not the time to sell the rest of Telstra.


What happens when a group runs in a democratic election with the sole purpose of getting rid of the democracy? Should they be allowed to run? To not allow them to run would result in the democratic process itself being damaged, yet if they run and win the process will cease to exist. Therefore they can not held accountable for what they do in office.

Two examples I will give of this. One is Islamic fundamentalist parties that believe that democracy is evil and therefore wish to rid their countries of democracy. One place where they managed to get elected was in Algeria, although they never took control as the army took over in a coup and in itself destoryed the democracy. Another case is the Young Liberals running in Student Union elections. They wish to impleament VSU and therefore no longer have student unions. They likewise would then not be accountable for their actions.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Work yet again

The prices at work are set to rise by a whooping 25% in the coming weeks. This is something I am not looking forward to as I am the one who is going to get yelled at. I know the prices haven't increased in 3 years* but that would suggest that the rate of inflation is 8% pa.

And the cost of Public Transport is set to go up in Melbourne as well. So it is going to cost me more to get to work, that is if I don't drive.

*I have only been there for 2 years so they haven't change under me.

Leaking Roof

Last night here in Melbourne the rain came down as well as cats and dogs. And my roof leaked, so it must have been heavy as I live on the bottom floor and there is a flat above mine. So I would hate to see what that flat looks like.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Why is Dokic back?

Jelena Dokic has returned to Australia and wants to play for us again? The question has to be why? Her father Damir is no longer her coach and she reckons he was the one who dragged her off to Serbia. I often wonder how much tennis he played himself and why he was coaching her.
However, I think the reason has more to do with the fact her career is coming to an end and frankly I don't think the chances for employment for ex-minor sports stars are as good in Serbia then Australia.

Best Man for the job at the RBA board?

This is part of the transcript of yesterdays Insiders.

BARRIE CASSIDY: The Robert Gerard matter and now his resignation from the Reserve Bank, Peter Costello is talking nonsense, isn’t he, when he says Mr Gerard has not avoided a dollar of tax?

JOHN HOWARD: He is not talking nonsense. Look, I think Peter Costello has been very unfairly attacked over this issue. The procedure that was followed for the appointment of Robert Gerard is the same procedure that has been followed for all of the appointments that this government has made to the Reserve Bank board. Peter Costello and I were both wanting to find somebody with a manufacturing background and also we wanted to find somebody from a state other than New South Wales or Victoria because the allegations was that the Reserve Bank was too Sydney-centric or at the very least big state-centric. Peter came to me and said, “What about Roberts Gerard?” He is the largest employer in the private sector of people in South Australia. He’s a highly successful…

Firstly everyone is jumping up and down about how Howard dumped it on Costello, but what I find most interesting is that didn't say they wanted to find the best person for the job in the first place. Clearly they narrowed the field fine enough that they were then able to select a liberal party donor.

So who are they going to get to replace Gerard on the RBA board? How about a someone like a first home buyer from Brisbane or penisoner from the Central Coast or job seeker from Tassie? Maybe not but it would be different.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Cricket - AUS V NZ

Why is Channel Nine covering the one day series against New Zealand? This could be a cracker of a series. Perhaps that should take a leaf out of SBS's book and cover cricket properly.

Hanging out in Singapore

Very sad end to the saga of the Melbourne man hanged in Singapore. It should not have happened. The worst thing is how cold hearted some people in Australia were about it. Sure the kid did something stupid. But that did not mean he should die for it as oppose to sitting in gaol for 50 years which is what would have happened if the government of Singapore did show clemancy.

My return to blogging

I have decided to come out of retirement, mainly because I can't shut the fuck up. So I am back.