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Thursday, November 10, 2005


Recently, Australians have been able to choice their own superfund. Most people are likely to choose the best performing funds if ever get around to looking at what is best for themselves. The best performing are the Industry ones that have been run by the Unions. They are the best because they don't charge massive fees for what they do.
Thus overtime this funds will grow and they will control more and more of the marketplace. In the end, the funds of the workers will end up controlling the companies indirectly.
Also the government has created the Future Fund which is going to invest in the marketplace. This is kind of like they reverse nationalising the companies of Australia. Which is sort of odd if you think about it.... They privatise companies then buy them back to fund Super for public servants.

American Idiot - Not a bad CD

I have recently been listening to Green Day's American Idiot. Not that I normally go for Pop Punk but I have to say that is a very good example of a Punk Rock Opera. It speaks of the isolation and fears of teenage years and I think that it could become the icon of youth in this era.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Weak West Indians

The Aussie team is in the wars with injuries. Langer is still out with his rib still giving him trouble. And Watson has now got problems. Normally a weaken team would be a worry, but the standard of cricket the West Indians are playing at the moment suggest there is nothing to worry about. The bigger worry is the weather in Hobart for the next test.


This week I have got four hours of work lined up. This makes me employed in the eyes of ABS. However, it also means that I could get the dole at the same time*. As more and more people are forced on to casual employment, the true leave of underemployment is going to grow.

*I am not on the dole as I know the next week is going to be better as there is something on.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Arresting the village idiots

Big raids in the Australia arresting 17 people for planning a terrorist attack. And last week changes to the laws actually makes a little sense.* It is good to see these guys off the street.

They seem to have caught what seems to be the village idiots of the Australian Islamic community. The ones arrested in Melbourne are the ones who went on Sixty Minutes declaring death to infidel. As someone on the radio this morning pointed out, they are a fringe group of a fringe group of a group on the margins. The leader of the group only had nine followers in Melbourne and they have arrest eight of them.

Plus I am not sure if these clowns were up to the level of skill required to make a decent explosiveIt is a bit like getting the drug mules and not catching the dealer. The suicide bombers are a dime a dozen but a decent bomb maker is a lot harder to come up with. The second wave of attacks in London showed that a crap bomb maker can easily screw up.

What my worry is, is these guys are easy ones to catch as they are not really smart about what they were doing. The greater risk is those with brains who keep quiet and are not the ones who are easy to watch.

*The need for the change from "the terrorist act" to "a terrorist act" would suggest that the guys caught were not as advanced as claimed. If they had been observed for 18 months, the authorities clearly knew they were up to no good early.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

400 years of terrorism

On this day 400 years ago, a group of upset members of a community decided that it would be a good idea to blow up the ruling class in order to change the way of life of a country. The problem was they got caught before hand. Yes, it is 400 years since the Gunpowder Plot led by Guy Fawkes. Surprisingly the English did not new anti-terrorism laws to combat such home ground terrorists. And they didn't need to lock down whole suburbs.

Friday, November 04, 2005

The PM who cried "Wolf"

There once was a PM who claim that there was urgent need to change his nations anti-terrorism laws. The people got excited. Yet four days later, the laws had not been used. People relaxed. Yet, next the PM calls "terrorist" will the people listen?

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


On today of all days, I feel the time is write to discuss Betfair. It looks like this UK company together with Kerry Packer are about to get a licence from the Tasmanian Government. Not that I feel that Packer needs more money, I can't see anything actually wrong with this. The people kick up the stink are ones who look like they are going to lose their monopoly.
The nature of Betfair is that it is a Betting Exchange which means that you can write your own odds, but still have to get someone else to agree to take the bet. Basically it works a little like the stock exchange.
One of the often quoted aspects of this is that allows you to bet against a Horse or team to win. This is true, but the rate of return is far less. Take for example, a horse that has odds of 10 to 1. This means if you are willing to take a bet against the horse, you are risking $10 to earn $1. For corruption to take place, it would require a larger amount of money than what is going to be gained. Plus punters are normally smart enough to see a massive amount of money has been place for a horse to loss.

IR Changes Ads

If the polling is to be believed the Government should seriously be looking at shooting their ad agency. The problem with the ads is they are full of spin but lack anything with a bit of substance. With four pages in the newspaper, one would expect a little more detail than what they contain. All the ads manage to do is get people talking about the IR changes, and unlike other topics, this is something the government does want.

The only ad campaign that was worse was the attempt to promote America post Sept. 11th in Arab countries by having Muslim Americans explain why they love America. Went down like a lead balloon.

For more on the IR changes, Robb Corr has regular updates.

Value of my blog

According to this website, my blog is worth $5645.40. Not bad for a blog which gets most of its links for the story about my testicles. Considering my site meter only reads about half that many vistors, it places a value of $2 per visit. I don't think I am worth that much.