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Monday, October 31, 2005

A week at the races

Here in Melbourne, it is Spring Racing season. And the media goes sick about how classy it all is. I was there at Flemington on Saturday and I can tell you there is not too much classy about the chicks losing shoes, $30 bottles of bubbly with crown seals, fist fights on the public lawn and the lowcut "fall out'.

Here in Melbourne very little business is done this week. Cup day is a holiday and a massive chunk of the office workforce disappear for Oakes on Thursday as well. Plus there is a large percentage of these missing on Wednesday and Friday due to hangovers. To top this all off Monday is an RDO for the building industry. All in all, productivity could be boasted by 2% pa if the week was done away with. But then we would get to smell the roses. They were out in full bloom on Saturday at Flemington.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Wheat Board supporting Terrorism

AWB paid money to Saddam. Saddam paid money to the families of suicide bombers in Israel. They were indirectly funding terrorism. Lucky for the members of Wheat Board that it was done before the new anti-terrorism laws are in place as they could have been in trouble.
The great problem is that it is dismissed as being an avoidable evil. One of the low points with Capitialism.

Nobody else has a sense of (lame) fun

Do you hate it when you go to a party and nobody else has dress up in theme? Well, it happens to the best of us some times. It also happens to worst of us. For example, Little Johnny rocked up to the final session of Pacific Islands Forum in a polo shirt where all the other leaders except one wore suits. The others didn't want to play along I guess.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

No Generation X President

I was extremely bored today so I just wasted a good half an hour looking at the age of the US president and when they came to office. There was gap of 22 years between Bush Sr. and Clinton's year of birth. A similar thing happend between the birth of Eisenhower and Johnston of 18 years. Thus I think I can be fairly confident in suggesting that it is unlikely that there will be a president that has been born during the sixities. The next two presidents are likely to be baby boomers, and their terms will on average last 12 years together but might last 16 years. Plus there might be an extra boomer President. So in 2024, there will a call for a young fresh faced president, so they will elect someone born in the late 1970's. Trying to predict elections that are 19 years in the future seems a bit silly, but then again so is blogging as a whole.

Google Vs Ebay

Ebay runs a lot of ads on Google. Some massive precent of Googles revenue comes from Ebay which is one of most successful internet companies. Thus Google looks as if it is going to have a crack at starting a Ebay style site . This could crush Ebay. Alternatively it could burn Google if Ebay stops advertsing.

Federal Police and the Bali Nine

At first I thought dopey shits who tried to smuggle drugs in Indonesia with the death penalty. It was sad that some of them are likely to be shot but how much risk do you really want to take? And then when they were accusing the Federal Police not helping them, I thought they were barking up the wrong tree. Yet, it appears that the Federal Police did tipped off the Indonesian Police. This appears to just within their rules about helping in death penalty cases.
The problem I have is did the Federal Police think about the cost of tipping off the Indonesians. The Australian Government is going to pay millions of dollars in terms of work by DFAT who know have to provide help. In the end, it might have been cheap to have them arrested in Australia.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Storm Names

Over the last few days I have heard the only line about storms only being named with girls names. And there is all the old jokes about it being wet and wild but then it leaves with the house. The problem is it is not true. Every second storm has a girls name but ever other storm is given a boys name. It gets seems to be the female storms are more destructive this year.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Video stores

I went to hire some DVDs the other day and I must say the store was basically empty. It seems that these shops are truely being hurt by the new ways of getting films (mail order DVDs, movies on demand, internet etc). The stores must have a large capital outlay for stock. Say it costs $25 for a new release DVD (discount for bulk purchases) so to make a both on that DVD it has to rented 5 times at $5 to recover the cost of the purchasing. Then you have the added costs of rent, power, wages etc. Plus if it is a dog of a film, nobody is going to hire it. I can't see the local video store lasting too much longer.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Singapore to hang an Australian

Firstly, let me say this guy should not have had drugs on him in Singapore. Secondly, it is said that this guy is going to lose his life and there is none of the media outrage of the Corby case. This is clearly because he has an Asian background and our commerical media therefore does not give a shit.
Finally, Downer claims he has done everything that Australia could do for this guy. This is crap. There is a lot more Australia could actually have done for this guy. For one thing, the Singapore Government owns a huge assets base here in Australia including some fairly major companies. The government could freeze these assets. We also have Singapore's soliders training in Australia. He could have that stopped. The reason neither of these steps has been taken is simple: the damage to Australia is greater than saving this guy. But when Downer claims he has done every single thing possible it is crap.
And then it looks as if Indonesia is going to shot either three or four of the Bali Nine. How their deaths will affect the Australian Public Opinion is still unknown.

I am sick of myself

I spend a lot time by myself. So I know myself fairly well. I have some good conversations with myself too. But lately I have been getting on my own nerves. I just don't seem to be moving on with my life. Is it possible to leave myself behind?

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Time to get a Passport

Further to my post before, I feel that now I have reached the age of 24 years 7 months old I might just be big enough to go oversea and therefore I am going to need to get a passport. In the past I have no really want to go overseas, but those WorkChoices ads are driving me so crazy, I just want to get off this boat.
Other Reasons I never got a passport were:
  • I will look fat in the Photo. Actually I look fat in real life too, so I might just have a problem with myself image.
  • Occupation will me something I really don't want to admit to. I even put down CPA on my Tax Return as I am too afraid to say I am a Car Park Attendent.
  • Travelling overseas is so passe. Stuck up middle class kids talk about it being a rite of passage as if they were going to war or something. I don't think the ANZAC's had much of a chance to get drunk in a bar in Turkey and spew up all over the place when the Turks were shooting at them.
  • I was kinda hoping to get a job before I went anywhere. But there is fat chance of that happening.
  • I don't like flying. And I get seasick. However, I can be sedated.
So I am going to today walk down to the Post Office and pick myself up a passport form.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I might never get a job

After another failed job interview today, I now feel it is time to look at other options.
1. Go to London and get a job. It might not be professional but at least I don't have to put up with Work Choices.
2. Go to West Australia and get a job. Cheaper than London.
3. Get a Wine Shop. Hell, it worked for one my friends.
Either that or I can keep going around in circles as I am now. As my psych profile said I can't make up my mind.

Good new blog

I found a new interesting blog. He craps on a cricket and politics like I do. But he has fewer spelling mistakes.

Monday, October 17, 2005

The Less-Than-Super Test

The Super Test match was a fizzier. The World has nothing to play for and therefore got their arse kicked. The only interesting part is that McGill is shining on one of the few outings he gets for the Australian team. During the Channel Seven coverage of the One Day series in England he said that during the Johnnie Walker Super Test he only wanted to drink that. I don't think he thought he play.
I doubt that ICC will keep this concept going and I think that they might abandon the concept farly fast.

Wilma blowing up a storm

Looks like the Records have now been smashed, with Tropical Storm Wilma forming. And if you look at the projection it looks as if in ten days time, New Orleans might be in the shit again. And petrol is going to go up.

Iraq Referendum

It is interesting to see that despite the talk of democracy, before the votes have been counted the US has declared that the Iraqi Constitution has past. Saddam used to do the same thing. He would have votes and declare the result without counting. I am sure that they will count the votes. If you are going to try and spread democracy, you want to appear to be democractic as well.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Floor Crossing

Barnby Joyce finally made good on his promise to cross the floor. And hasn't it given the Liberals the shits? Nelson has gone so far as to put off his VSU legalisation even longer. Not that it is very abnormal for a Liberal or National to cross the floor, For example , Robert Hill has done it ten times and Boswell has done it 6 times, it is first time in a while that it mattered to the bill being voted on.
While I am talking about the Senate as well, I must say I have been impress by Steven Fielding from Family First. He seems to be actually doing what he said he would which is a rarity in politics. I wasn't too impress with the way he was elected (dodgy ALP right deal) , but I would say he has been move powerful a critic of the government than another Green would have been.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Not-so-superseries Part 2

The World XI was beaten badly three times. If this was a true reflection of the state of world cricket, the game would be in trouble. However, it is not and the reason that the matches were so one sided was basically because the World had nothing to play for. The team also was politically choosen. For example, Brian Lara was in the team for all three matches and got no runs. He had been going through a form slump for months yet was still picked. It would have looked unbalanced if there was more than three players from any one country, but it may very well warrent it. The idea that you would get a great team from great players is unfounded and should be left in the realm of the Playstation.

Blood Bank again

Today, I gave blood again. I would normally encourage people to go and donate blood, however for the past two or three times I have gone the staff have been somewhat rude to me. It is not like I have done anything wrong, hell, I am the one giving my blood. And it is the one place you kind of want to get decent customer service as you don't get anything for giving.
I don't mind getting crap customer service when I am paying for a service, but when I am get physical pain inflicted on me it is somewhat a different story.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Mike Hussey hits the roof

It has finally happened. After about ten One day internationals at the (so-called) Telstra Dome*, someone has finally hit the roof going for a six. Mike Hussey will now go down in history as the first man to truely hit the roof.

* It is not a dome as the roof is flat.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

The Not-so-super Series

I went to the cricket yesterday to watch Australia beat the ICC Rest of World XI. I would have to say I was disappointed with the day. Firstly, the crowd was tiny. There was only 18000 people there and they had pre-sold 17000 by Wednesday morning. The tickets were to expensive ($46 each) and they allocated seats (not that it was enforced and we moved to behind the bowlers arm at the Lockett end.
Secondly, there was no great performances on either side. There was nice bowling by the spinners in the ICC World XI and Shane Watson did well for the Aussies. But the Aussies weren't on top there game and the ICC World XI batted extremely poorly.
Thirdly, the match was just not exciting. It looked over by about the tenth over. No wonder that Twenty20 is killing off One-day cricket.
Finally, Australia beats the rest of the world, yet they managed to lose to Bangladesh. There is a match I would like to see, Bangladesh vs the World XI.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi

The two Aussie Docs who discovered that stomach ulcers are actually caused by bacteria have won the Nobel prize for medicine. Finally some good news. I just hope that the newspapers make a poster of these two just as they would for sporting figures who reach the top of their field. Yeah I know, it isn't going to happen.
It is interesting that they came up against a lot of resistance when they tried to introduce their idea into the medical community. For years, ulcers had been said to be caused by stress and poor diet, making their management an issue of lifesystle. Basically, they were blaming the victim for their misfortune. Then these two quacks try to suggest that cause was germs; this was just not on. It was an odd reaction for the 20th century, it would have been more like a reaction that occurred in the middle ages towards supposed witchcraft.
There are a few other conditions at the moment that are being blamed on lifestyle issues that might actually be an illness.

Monday, October 03, 2005

A message for Millsy and Co.

It turns out that Paris Hilton is not going to marry Paris Latsis. This means she is back on the market and looking for another bloke. I couldn't understand why she was going to marry a guy called Paris: Is she really that dumb?
Personally, I don't actually find her that attractive. Sure, she is rich and appearently beautiful, but it just doesn't do anything for this non-beholding hetrosexual male.

Another Blog bites the dust

Alex White of Pegagogism is calling it a day. So another good blogger is gone.
It is interesting to see that average life span of a blog is either a couple of weeks for those who are not too keen or about 12 months for those who get into it.
I have been going for just under a year and I am getting a bit sick of having no readers myself. Not that it matters as I am just doing this for myself.