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Sunday, July 31, 2005

"the worse, the better"

I am reading a book on the Russian Revolution. The statement that really struck me was "the worse, the better". What they meant at the time was the crappier the Tsars rule was, the better it was for driving the people towards a revolution. Sadly, this is method is used by both the Americans and Al Quida. The more one side "murders", the more the other is "allowed" to kill. In the end, it just looks crazy.
And I want to hide under a rock.

An end to the IRA's War

Earlier this week, the IRA called it a day to the use of violence. I think one of the major reason is the IRA was not able to cope with the War on Terrorism. Employing terrorist tactics became extremely wise for an organisation that had hopes of one day coming to a settlement. Money from America had been drying up and the London bombings reinforced this and thus they decided the time was right to say that peaceful methods are the way to go.
The London Bombing also created a new risk, that some rouge IRA members might sell explosives to Al Quida terrorists. The last thing they want is to be blame for terrorist bombings that are not their own. ETA copped a heap of shit for the Madrid bombings. Thus it was really a time to call it a day.
So I wish to wish them good luck and hope that peace reigns over Ireland for years to come. And they are all going to end up in the EU anyway.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Carr Resigns..... Canberra?

Bob Carr has quit as the top knob jockey in NSW. Is he going to Canberra?

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Rain at Cricket

Just waiting for the clouds to clear to finish off the English.

I really need a new job

Work is totally fucked at the moment. With have just changed systems over and things just started falling to bits. The reason we changed was our old machines broke down several times a day. The newly install machines broke down about 20 times today. So we have gone backwards.
The other reason was it was supposed to reduce staff numbers. In the long run it may, but today we had just as many staff but nobody knew what they were doing. Some are fucking stupid too; in order to keep their jobs they need to learn the new system or else, but they preferred to disappear and do nothing.
Anyway, one of the reasons things were so bad was they failed to train anyone. They stuck the machines in on Thursday and then buggered off. The duty managers had three hours being shown the machines and none of casuals had any at all. So we had bugger all chances of fixing things when they went wrong.
But the true problem was Head Office talked to the client and either has any understanding of how things work at our end. Hence, they sold them something that doesn't do what they were told it would. It is a textbook example of how things can go wrong.
It was just a horrid day. Customers were screaming at us and tell us how it is not acceptable. As if we didn't know. Makes being on the dole look attractive.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Howard is a Terrorist Magnet

Think about it.....
Howard was in Washington on the 11th of September 2001....
Howard was in London yesterday....
There seems to be a pattern here. Or at least, I think he should take fewer trips.

Tram Fare evasion ads

Does anyone else feel these ads are pointless? As one who occasionally fare evades mainly because of the crappy equipment being broken or having incorrect change I feel insult by these ads. I had taken a tram for a few weeks, so when I was confronted by stickers plastered all over the trams I took last night I was a little threatened. Despite having got a ticket, I feel the stickers were kind of a little nasty. So I pealed half of one away.
Also I learnt a neat trick off of a very cute girl on the 57 tram at a 9 PM last night. If you place a part of a ripped up ticket into a validator, you can cause it to go out of order. I just wish I had thanked this girl for demostrating it.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

National ID Card

As there has been a bit of talk about introducing a new national ID Card for everyone in Australia I figured I might as well say something. It has been suggested that it will be useful as an anti-terrorism measure. I doubt this as it is not going to stop sucide bombers like the London Bombers who managed to hide their intentions from almost everybody they knew.
However it is going to cost a shitload to introduce. I am talking many billions of dollars. Either that means higher taxes or less money for services. And many of those services would be useful in event of a terrorism attack (Defence and health in particular). The money could be be far better spent.
And another point that is often made is that we should not let the terrorist effect the way we live. Having to carry an ID card all the time is going to effect peoples lives. In a way, it is therefore letting the terrorists win. Sure, we need to do things to protect our selves from these fanatics, but a national ID card is not the way to do it.

Update (22/7): As an non-employed IT trained worker, I suddenly realised that this could be a great creator of jobs in the IT sector. Which could mean I could actually get a job where I use those skills I learn at Uni (maybe not the beer drinking however). So on the basis of self interest I am now in favour. And I am like every other Australian when it comes to wasting money I am in favour if it is wasted on me.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Alert and Alarmed

I was at a train station the other day and there was one of the anti-terrorism poster with the slogan "Be alert, not alarmed". I think the message in such areas should be more direct, in this case "Report unattended bags and packages". I know there is no ways to stop sucide bombers like the London attacks but could prevent Madrid style attacks. Of course in order to be able to report such bags and packages train stations would need to be manned.

Another good idea I had was there should be more First Aid Training. As passangers of trains and buses are going to be the first on the scence of any attack on the transport system, it would be helpful if more of them had some training and could do basic triage. If there was to be a major terrorism attack here it would really help if the most seriously wounded could be moved quickly.

Crown to start a medical clinic

Interesting. So that is why come pension day pokies venues become so popular?

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Busy days for Telstra

With 300 000 Australians living in the UK, there has been a hell of a lot phonecalls to the UK in the last few days. On Thursday night, it was almost impossible to get out of the country with a phone call. I spent three hours trying to call my older brother and got onto to him via email in the end. I couldn't even get a line out of Australia to my parents to tell them he was okay.
I then got a phone call in the morning from a very upset little sister in Paris who had only just found out and was unable to contact him. As she doesn't speak French the fact that people seemed to be watching televisions everywhere didn't set off any lightglobes as she couldn't understand the news. As it would have been 3AM I am not suprised he didn't answer his phone.
Anyway, I would have to say these attacks have had a major impact here as it occurred at the start of primetime, the cricket coverage was stopped for the BBC's and Sky News' live coverage. I was working in the Melbourne CBD on Friday and would have to say it was one of the quietest days outside of weekends and summer holidays I have seen. There were on-the-street parking bays in William Street at 9.45 am... That just doesn't happen on a weekday.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Fight On, Brave Souls

The tragic events in London have yet again shown how evil acts can hit us anywhere. We must not allow these attacks to effect our way of life. Fight on, go on with you life and show these evil people that they can not effect us.