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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Petrol Once More

As the price of petrol rises, thus the amount of GST collected on behalf of the states by the Federal government also increases. The federal government claims that all the money is going to the states. But as was pointed out in today, all this means is that the Commonwealth government doesn't need to give as much money to the states in grants which they pay on top of the GST revenue.
Labor, if they were smart (and less face it at the moment they don't seem to be too smart) they would start proclaiming that they would cut the other Commonwealth Government taxes on the petrol to oppose the rise in money raised by the increasing GST.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Time for ICC to pull the finger out

In the 1970's, all the cricketing nations of the world stopped playing South Africa. However, this happened in the days before the dollar became the sole thing that is important in cricket.
This brings me to the issue of Zimbabwe. New Zealand is due to tour later in the year, but at least the New Zealand government has the balls to stand up and say they should not go. If New Zealand doesn't go, the ICC can fine them up to $2 million and they look like that is what they will do.
It is time for the ICC to say enough is enough. They say politics and sports should not mix, but in this case they have already and it is time we stopped playing cricket against them.

PS. The last time Australia was due to play there, only McGill refused to go. For this he was sadly not prasied enough.

Monday, June 27, 2005


You know how you sometimes get up and close with someone only to find out later that she was a complete tramp and you are are just lucky not to have to visit a doctor for that strange rash. Or worse, you have the rash. Not that it has happened to me*. Anyway, I think that is how many true believers are feeling about our fling with Marky Latham.
I will admit I was sucked in like a 14 year old girl to the sports star with big biceps. And no matter what others said like Peter Brent at, I still felt he was the one. Even after he failed us, I still held out hope. And then he was just not there for us, so he had to go.
But I still somewhere in my heart believed he could have been great. But instead of disappearing gracefully, he is now set to slag everyone else off. And thus I no longer feel anything positive towards him. That is sad.

* I don't blame the girl in the case where I did have to see a doctor.

Good to see things back to normal

Aussie have won the last two games. Won is not the right term for last match against Bangladesh. Flogging is the best description. Looks like things are normal again.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

The problem with 4 year terms

There is talk of introducing 4 year terms at the federal level for members of the House of Reps. There is one major problem with this; it means that we would get 8 year terms for senators. This is too long for most of the public to handle. The public already feel that they can't get the pollies to account for themselves. A longer term is just going to increase these feelings.
However, there are some solutions to this problem. One is make the terms the same length as lower house MPs. This however then reduces the Senate to a rubber stamp and would require a referendum which would not pass as the people like the senate to be a house of review. Another way would be to restrict senators to single terms. However, this would not be popular with the senators. It would also result in senators being more able to dissent. Hence that is going to happen either.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Labor First

Around the blog sphere there has been a bit of talk about Labor First. This is a movement that claims to want to get more people involved in the ALP. In particular, they want people who have been put off joining the party due to their dislike of the factional fights, backroom deals and branch stacks. One thing that would certainly help the ALP is getting more people involved.

The people more involved with the ALP feel that is just an attempt by Evan Thornley attempting to start a faction of his own. Some have even suggested that it looked like "we're not a faction" faction. However, it would not be a very powerful faction if members did not always vote together. That is the problem I have with the factional system; Factional members vote along factional lines. If this group does not have this rule, then it will be a great improvement on the other factions.

It is also suggested that it is just a move to get Evan Thornely into a safe seat. I feel that if he is such a great candidate, to prove his worth he should stand for a marginal seat that the ALP is going to need to win off the Liberals in order to win government. That way he would show that he believes in what he is saying.

Anyway, those who are deeply involved in factions are the ones who seem to have the greatest doubts about this movement. Maybe this is inside knowledge or they have been involved for too long that they can't see that this is different. Time will tell.

Monday, June 20, 2005

It gets Worse

Australia lost to England last night in the Cricket. What is going on? First they lose to the worst (or second worst) test playing team in the world, namely Bangladesh and now they go and lose to the oldest rival England? Time for first blood in the team.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Bangladesh Wins Again - AGAINST US

I went to bed last night after watching the Aussies bat and they had made a fairly poor 249 considering who they were playing. I figured that from what I had seen before of the Bengals that they would be rolled out in a couple of dozen overs. However, this was not to be and they went on to win with four balls to go.
I remember when Pakistan went down to the Bangladesh, the team was afraid to go home they were so ashamed. I don't think our players are going to be able to live this down. Sure, they might win the Ashes back yet again, but nothing they do on this tour is going to make up for this disgrace.
On the positive side, it is good to see Bangladesh being able to complete with the best sides in the world. Now they only have to start winning in the five day version of the game.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Change in Profile

As I haven't been sick since the start of the year when I had the swelling in my nuts, I figured I better go back to my old profile.

But just for the sake of keeping it somewhere here is the profile about my balls:
"Some people feel I'm nuts, very few people feel my nuts. I recently had an infection which caused my testicles to swell to the size of lemons. Very Painful. Now they are normal size again and I can wear underwear."

Monday, June 13, 2005

Queen's Birthday

Happy B'day Lizzie. Even if you were born on 21st of April .
Just a few points:
1. Public Holiday pay rocks. $41 an hour is great considering I don't do much at work.
2. The Australian Honors system is a joke. If they give one to Eddie Everywhere they will give one to anyone.
3. I was suprised that the ARM dickheads didn't make a statement today. The ARM puts more people off Australia becoming a Republic than Prince Charles makes them want to become one.

Friday, June 10, 2005

The Flinders St Flyover

Here in Melbourne we have a few problems. One of them is we have a habit of building stuff and then working out that they are not right. The city square is a prefect example. Everytime there is a new council elected there is a new plan for the site.

Anyway to my point on this post, At the moment they are removing the Flinders Street flyover of Kings Street because it looks ugly. It doesn't matter that it help traffic flow by avoiding having an intersection between these two major streets in the middle of the street. At the moment there is a traffic jam all the way up Kings Street to the Flagstaff Gardens and the Vic Market (about 1.5 K away). It is also screwing up tram services a bit. Admittedly, it will not be that once they have knocked the thing down but it will not help traffic flow as there will another set of traffic lights which will slow everything down a bit more.

As you can propably tell I can't see the point in this effort to remove something which some people see as ugly but actually works. Maybe if there was to some plan to deal with the traffic once the bridge is removed, I would be more in favour.


I read somewhere the other day that there are about 120 million acts of human sexual intercourse each day. Thinking about this, a fairly large percentage of people involved in these acts must therefore write to men magazines....

* A "Onedering" is just something that I wonder about, but I am the only "One" to do the wondering.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Hopeless effort by Rudd

As you might recall during the Labor leadership contest I thought Kevin Rudd was a bit weak for not going through with sticking his hand up. However, normally he is good when it comes to field of foreign affairs. Yet, his preformance over the last few days in relation to Chinese diplomat was extremely weak.
That for example his appearence on Lateline on Tuesday night and on Wednesday on 774 in Melbourne. In both cases, he was unwilling to say anything about the case until he was briefed by DFAT and that he had been waiting for this briefing for days. The public does not care if Rudd has been briefed or not, so he might just have to find a position without the help of DFAT.
It should be a fairly easy issue to attack the government over this issue as they are caught between a rock and a hard place. If you send the guy home, he is going to be jailed. If they let him stay, trade with China could be effected.
Thus the government has been caught saying stupid things, like Downer claimed that the diplomat had never filled out the forms to defect. There is of course no form to defect. Petrov never had to fill out a form. Could you see the KGB heavies letting Mrs Petrov fill out a form at Darwin airport whilst they waited for the plane to be filled? Yet, Rudd has not attacked Downer very well over this.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Wage Rise

Today the minimum wage went up $17 a week or about 43 cents an hour. Thus the minimum wage is $484.40 a week. I work in a job at the moment where I am paid the award which is only a bit above the mimimum wage. Thus I am going to get the wage rise. Hoowho. It makes more of a different on weekends where it is a dollar more per hour.

However, this is the last time the IRC is going to set the minimum wage. The federal government is going to start a "Fair Wage Committee" which they plan on setting up. It is likely this will not be as giving. However, I would like to see them argue that somebody argue that $484.40 is that easy to live off.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

The Old Switch-a-roo

It is good to see that soap stars are so easily replaced by another young starlet. I love the fact that they don't even look a like. Not that I have ever watch Home and Away, although I sometimes catch about five minutes of Neighbours if I don't find the remote after the six o'clock Simpsons.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

And now for something different

After banging on about the Corby case lately I figured I might as well bang on about something else. Plus I don't seem to be getting many readers except from Google searches for misspelt dieases and the Bali Nine.
Anyway, I might as well talk about my sex life or lack of it. I caught up with a bunch of friends last week where I was informed that I had slept with one of my friends ex-girlfriends the last time I caught up with them. The problem is I didn't, or at least I don't remember sleeping with this girl. Yes, I kissed her but I felt the conditions were not right as she was very drunk so I didn't do anything more. But appearently she thinks I did. Not that it really matters. I just wonder how my performance was since I wasn't there?
Also is kissing a friends ex-girlfriend a bit like going for a used-car?

Deep Throat

It turns out, he Felt the time was right to reveal himself.