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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Corby case Mark 2

My 2.2 Cents Worth:
Firstly, 20 years is harsh for carrying dope into a country. But then again, the arguement that all drugs are equally bad has caused many countries to give up having different grades of drugs. So when it comes to penalities, she got a sentence that would have been handed to someone carrying the same amount of herion. But that is the way the system works there and if you go overseas one has to suspect.
Now onto the claim the courts are corrupt and the case would have been thrown out here. The case in Australia would not have been thrown out on the gounds of a lack of evidence. It might have been thrown out because the amount of weed was not that great. There were four witnesses at the Airport and that would have good enough to convict here. The evidence from Australia about baggage handlers would not have even been heard in an Australian court as it was based on hear-say. So on the evidence the court was able to admit, the only reasonable course of action would be to convict. Here it would have been an open and shut case.
The media has been played by the Corby camp and has gone totally nuts. Strangely however, of those journalists who actually watched the trial, most came away believing she was guilty. If I was baggage handler at the moment, I would rightly be pissed off.

UPDATE: (1/6) Some people are just fucking nuts and need to get a life.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

How many mountian cattlemen are there?

There are 8000 cattle in the Victorian Alpine National Park. So how many mountain cattlemen are there? Given that you need probably a fair few head each to make mustering etc worthwhile, there can't be more then a few hundred cattlemen. And say there is about the same in partners and adult children and other supporters, you are looking at about 1000 voters. Given that most are from zones where the National Party gets at least 65% of the vote and that farmers tend to be a conservative lot, at most only 100 votes or so are going to change hands directly. Although the mountain cattlemen are a noisy lot, their impact on the state government is going to be minimal.

UPDATE: I heard somewhere that there are only 44 leasesholders. So perhaps my 1000 voters, was a bit above the true number.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Corby Case

Very simply if she gets off on the basis that someone might have put drugs in her bag at an airport, then most of the drug smugglers would have to get off. Plus would she have not noticed that her bag was a lot heavier than when she put it on the plane.
Now, it looks like the Australian Government wants to have her back her in jail. So we are supposed to foot the bill for $50k a year. More money wasted on bloody criminals.

Fark Fark Fark

My tribute to the King of Australian TV comedy.
It is the end of an era. The era might have ended 15 years ago but lets not let that stand in the way of a good story.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Strange ways to get here

I am not the type of blogger who writes about the nature of blogging as I feel that it is a bit like talking to one's self. However, I do wonder how people end up here sometimes. The best recently has been some was using google to look for "left shift not working in cricket 2004". Considering I have never play Cricket 2004, I am sorry that I can't help.

UPDATE: I am the number one choice if you type in "True Bastards" into Google. Hooray.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Party Memberships

After reading Rex in the City's post about the cost of stacking out the Victorian ALP, I began to wonder how much membership of each of Australia's major political parties cost. So I attempted to go the Victorian ALP site but it was down for some reason (Must have been a flood of interested branch stackers). They appear to have a sliding scale which could explain the slipery slope of branch stacking.
I then went to look at the Liberal party, and all I could do was order a membership pack which I really didn't want to do. There was no sign of the cost (other than your soul perhaps).
So I went to the Nationals site. They only wanted me to put a sign and didn't seem to have a membership form of any type. The other funny thing was that every member of the National's team has a website, except Barney Joyce of Queensland. Clearly this is because the two tin cans with a bit of string that Telstra provide as a telephone line doesn't work to well with the Internet.
So if any body knows what the costs to join any of these party do tell as it would give some meaning to this otherwise pointless post.

UPDATE: So I have found out the cost of a Liberal Party membership. It is a bit dearer than the lower end of cheapest memberships on the ALP, so it would be marginally harder to stack. If one was able to buy however 10,000 membership, the total cost would in fact be less still than a million. Thus for a really small $1.5 million one could stack out both the ALP and Liberal parties and thus control all of the governments contracts. That is if, and only if, they both failed to enforce their own rules.

Messing with the Rules

It looks like ICC is looking to change the rules of One-day cricket in order to make it more interesting. The suggestions sound like the rules which are used within the domestic one-day competition in Australia. For example they are talking about the 12th man being able to bat or bowl in place of another player and changing the overs in which fielding restrictions apply.
Personally, I feel the reason that International One-day Cricket has become so dull is because the Australians have been so strong for so long. This is not there fault as you can't blame a team for being good at what they do, but unless other teams catch up the game is going to die.
The rule changes are not going to change this and therefore are not going to be effective.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Away with you

So Australia managed to kick one its own citizen out of the country?
Well, she was sick and didn't know who she was. As she was born overseas the government sent here back to the Phillipines.
So is this some kind of new Health policy of the federal government?
Nope, this is about staying who can come to our country and when.
But then hadn't this woman already been allowed to stayed?
Yeah for 16 years.
So what did they do when they realised they made a mistake? Did they look for her?
No, they just hoped she had died and nobody would ever find out.
So is there going to be a royal commission or something?
Nah, there is just going to be a private inquiry which the government will not pay attention to anyway.
Why are they doing that?
Because they think their shit does not stink.
Can the public smell it?
We will just have to see.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Better than the budget

I know I bagged Big Brother 5, but seriously I am stuck watching it tonight as the Budget is on. More on the Budget later.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Big Brother, Big Waste of Time

Last year, I picked Trevor as the winner the first night. The rest seem to be a waste of space. I then proceed not to watch the rest of the series. Yet, I was right about the winner.
I tried last night. I really tried but I couldn't bring myself to watch the first show. Normally I used to just to see if there was going to any decent birds to watch. It was just too painfully however to watch as so much of it seemed forced. Ten's programs used to be fresh but this was just stale like the crust of a cob loaf left out to dry.
The other funny thing is how quickly people's backgrounds get out. Within a matter of days if one wished it would extremely easy to find out basically everything about all of the contestants. However, nobody seems interesting enough to warrant more research.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

UK Election

Tony Blair won, but he lost. A 66 seat majority would seem like a great victory for a party leader anywhere else. The problem for Tony Blair is his greatest critics are in his own party. There are dozens of them still in the parliamentry party and they seem to be accepted.

Here in the land of Australia, both major parties seem to apply the "caucus" rule a lot harder, where all debate is done behind closed doors and then you must toe the party line. This has always been the way with ALP. I am not sure if this was the whole reason that party split into fragments on three different times in the first sixty odd years (1917, 1931, 1955) but it certainly didn't help.

The Liberals used to be more tolerent of dissenters within the ranks. There always was a few difficult senators who used to cause headaches for Fraser. But under John Winston Howard that seems to have gone the way of the horse and buggy and the drop kick. This part of the reason that Peter Costello is such a weak leadership candidate.

Friday, May 06, 2005

This gets my goat

That dickhead who feed ham to the sheep in the feedlot got off today. This truely makes me see red. The jury found that his actions were okay considering that he was doing a noble job. However, my understanding of the law was that it was not okay to untake ignoble means to search of a noble goal. Otherwise, people will start claiming to be doing a noble act when really they are just committing crimes.

Petrol again

As I drive a shit old car, I am getting increasingly worried everytime I fill up. The price upsets me but that is not the major problem. The real issue is I feel that it is dangerous to fill it up completely as I therefore increasing the cars value by almost 10% ($60). Knowing my luck, if my car is nicked it will right after I have filled up.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Iraq Update

Last week, an Iraqi government was finally formed. You didn't hear too much cheering as this happened as you did with the elections at the start of year. It took so long because the different sides could not agree. Sadly, I think this might not be a real good sign of things to come.
Plus violence has picked up after the formation of the new government. It is just a mess and there is now no clear solution. It looks as if nobody is going to win in the long run.

Free Tibet

Sorry, I just wanted to be banned in China.