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Thursday, April 28, 2005

IVF and the stupidity of the Liberals

Who uses IVF mainly?
Women who are older.
Why are they older?
Because they have been working.
So why didn't they didn't stop to have children?
Because they are trying to have a career.
Would that make them richer?
Generally, yes. Compared to those who had children in their early twenties.
And therefore wouldn't that make them more likely to have a larger mortages?
Yes and therefore be more concerned about interest rates.
So they are more likely to have voted Liberal?
Well, yes.
Is it really bright then to piss off people who vote for you for such a pissy little bit of money ($7 million)?
And a lot people have at some stage tried to have a child and had a difficulty or two?
Well, yes. A lot haven't needed IVF but they can feel for those who require medical help.
So this might not have been a real smart move?
No, it looks like the Government wants to do a bit of social engineering and have women squeeze 'em out earlier.
Have they step over the mark and began to alienate the public?
Only time will tell.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Another Day Another Royal

Looks like Mary of Tassie has a bun in the oven. I would say well done to Freddy boy but I don't think it was that hard of a task for the boy. And it is not that hard to knock up a Tasmanian bird anyway.
(I will resist the chance to make jokes as I know jokes about incest, multiple heads etc. as some Tasmainan get upset.)

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Reflections on small moments of Greatness

As we approach ANZAC day, I begin to think about the stories I have been told about relatives who fought. These stories do not come out easily, and it was only the other day that I found out that my great-grandfather had been one of the lighthorsemen at the Battle of the Nek. (He was shot in the hat. The bullet ended up in his future brother-in-law lung.)
But the story I wish to reflect on at the moment is about my Grandfather on my mothers side. He was in the US Navy during WW2. And they have a saying in the navy "Never volunteer for anything". The one time he did, he was given a gun (having never used a gun) and sent to inspect an island. So he never volunteered again.
Anyway, one day on the farm at home there was a dead roting cow somewhere and Grandpa explained to my old man that it "smelt like the beaches". It turns out the other time he had volunteered had been to clean up the bodies after the landings at the start of the battle of Leyte. Now this must have been one of the least pleasent things to do and it something most people would not wish to do, but Grandpa had voluteenered I guess because he thought it was the right thing to do. He could of let someone else do it but then they would have suffered the unpleasentness.
Anyway, the point I was going to make was not all moments of greatness in war involve the charging of machine gun nests. Acts like this also take some effort and can lead to a lasting impact on a person.

PS. The other point was he would have been 24 years old then, which is the age I am at now. He always seemed like an old guy to me, so it is odd to talk about him as a young man.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Tram Hijacking

I always wanted to know how the cops would get a tram to pull over. Yesterday, they tried but failed to get this kid to park in the left hand lane. At least he was giving good service. According to the Herald-Sun, he was even asking the passangers where they wanted to go. Yarra trams could really do with some of that.
Not that I encourage law breaking too often, I have to say this kid is not so bad. Plus it gives the cops something to talk about for the next month and a half. If anybody was on the tram at any stage I would love to hear from them.

The strange physics of Ghosts

I was watching some stupid film the other night where there was a ghost that went through the walls. Yet, it walked on the floors. Why is it that the Normal force applies only to ghosts in the horizontal plane? Because one would expect the same forces to apply from the walls too.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Increasing the retirement age

Recently, Our most taxing treasurer, Peter Costello, the other day was suggesting that the retirement age should be increased to 75 sometime in the future. I have few points I hope like to make on this:
  • Isn't Obesity supposed to be killing us all off before we get to retirement age.
  • Is this in anyway linked to the Abortion debate. I can see someone coming up with the line "If we didn't have so many abortions, we wouldn't need you to work until you die."
  • Does anyone realise how useless some of the old people? NOTE: I said someone, not all. At work, the two people who are the slowest and most difficult are both the oldest members of staff (62 and 65). I know I sound like I am having a whinge but they drive me nuts.
  • I bet that if these change does take place it will screw me and my generation but not the baby boomers. They have had everything handed to them on a plate.

30 years since the start of Year Zero

Tomorrow, the 17th of April it will be 30 years since the fall of Phnom Phen fell to the Khmer Rouge. I think that being there on that day may have been one of creepiest and most horrible days one could live through. If there was ever a moment that would feel like the end of world had arrived I think that would be it.
History has not been kind to the Cambodians and it still seems that there will never be formal justice for the crimes committed in this horrid period of history.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

A what if?

If I was to join the Greens, what would I bring to the table other than then my political rat-cunning? I agree with them on most progressive issues, however, the issues I do agree with them on are the ones they were founded on. That is to say I don't agree with them on Green issues, well at least on the ways they hope to deal with the Green issues. However, this would be like a anti-Unionist joining the ALP.
Basically, the thing that is making the Greens attractive to me at the moment is the ALP inability to be a democratic organisation. Hell, the papal conclave is less rigged than a contest in a pre-selection contest in a winnable seat. What the Greens do have is a lot of people who are willing to do the grass roots business on election day. Where as the ALP and the Liberals for that matter are not growing in membership (real members, not branch stacking made ups), the Greens have a large pool of concerned young people.
Anyway, I can't see it happening (that is me joining) in the short term and I am better off using my rat-cunning in other ways (some of you have heard my plan). However, if the ever do end up holding the balance of power at a State level, I can see them doing a lot of good to the ALP.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Media Beat-up on Pell being the winner of the Conclave

Pell is going to be the next Pope if the media here have their way. Personally, I think it is just wishfull thinking by some journalists who read some newspaper in Italy that put him in the top 18 Cardinals. However, his odds at are still 100 to one, so I think the smart money is keeping clear of this one.

Anti-terror wargames or how to make the public crap themselves

Last week, some bright spark had the idea of blowing up a section of a disused TAFE in Collingwood in the name of "being prepared, but not alarmed". Except that they forgot to tell the public who were alarmed. Clearly this would not happen in a marginally Liberal held seat. Someone fucked up good.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Eddie for Pope.... (at least keep him out of the ALP)

There is some suggestion that Eddie McGuire has been approached to join the ALP and run for a federal seat. Could they be so fucking stupid? Do they really think he is that popular that he would win votes on name alone? For every vote he may gain he is likely to lose at least two. He is not that popular in Victoria, mainly because he is everywhere.
He is president of the most popular AFL club, Collingwood. People not from Victoria will not understand that Collingwood is the most hated of all clubs by everyone else. Since Channel Eddie has had the football, the only club to get coverage is Collingwood. Plus he keeps calling games in which they are playing.
His footy show also has Sam Newman on it. You can kiss Family First preferences goodbye.

Google Maps

What fun you can have when you can't sleep and start playing with the features on Google. Google maps is cool and would be helpful if you were an American. I randomly clicked somewhere and zoomed in and end up in Elk city in Oklahoma. Oh, the fun..... Could be a very cool tool.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Conclave of fun

I reckon tomorrow night is going to be a really bad night for TV because it looks like all of the stations are going to show the popes funeral, so I am glad that my sister's is throwing a party and I have something to do.
Despite being a non-believing person who was raised as a weak catholic, the whole death of the pope and election of a new pope has actually got me interested as I have never seen the whole thing happen before. However, I have seen the Godfather part III which has a conclave in it, the election of Pope John Paul I, which gives me some ideas. Anyway, as my agnostic father said I might as well pay attention as it might not happen for 26 years again.
Hardlines might point out that there are more Catholics than ever before. However, most of the growth has been in the poor sections of world and in the western world fewer and fewer people are going to church, therefore giving less money and leaving less property to the church. So it will be interesting to see how the Cardinals weigh up all the factions.
Let nobody tell you, I am not a junky for politics, if church politics can get me going.

UPDATE: Lying in state is kinda of creepy. The news footage of the dead pope is a bit strange as they seem to have taken a lot of the body. What were they hoping for: JP to start breathing again?

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Look: it is a joke

Someone is clearly looking for info on the GST but keep coming to my website. The whole 2.2 cents (GST Inc) is a joke as I trying to take the piss out of another blog of a similar name. However, I am plan on installing a blog roll if I can ever be bothered getting off my arse (well, actually I will do that sitting on my arse.)

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

GST on Petrol

Petrol in Australia has both federal and state taxes applied to it. These taxes do not change with price of petrol. However since 2000, we have had a GST on top of all these taxes as well. Plus the price petrol has sky rocketed with the increase in the oil price. So as the price of petrol goes up, the government has got more money from the GST. What I am suggesting is that the government reduce the other taxes to counter act the balance of the increase in GST intake.

For once I am being serious.

Misuse of a term

I was watching the news, and they were asking people who should be the next pope. Some twit said that the next pope should not be "an Anglo". As John Paul 2 was form Poland that would make him slavic, not anglo. The term "anglo" comes form the Anglo-Saxon tribes that rocked up to Britian in the dark ages. So it shouldn't be used to describe all Europeans. As it means basically means English, so it should not be used to describe people of Irish , Scottish or Welsh decent either.

Monday, April 04, 2005

I want the Job

That is it! I want the job. I want to be the next Pope. Sure, it means a life without sex, but then again what is new? Plus it has got to be better than my current job that is driving me crazy.
The nun that visited my mum after I was born said I would make a great priest. I reckon I would do alright in the role. There might be a bit of a problem with my doubting the existance of the man upstairs and his knocking up a virgin (It is not that hard to do). But we can work on that.

Time to get a real job

I am sick of work, so I am now going to try really hard to get a real job. One that is not casual and involves working in the week and not on the weekend. And where crazy drunk women don't try to top themselves and where you don't accidently call a customer a "Fuckhead". I think I have just been working too hard at a job that is shit. I mean I delibrately screwing up just so that I have something to do. I don't think that is really productive. Plus I hate the fact they hired 65 year olds who can't take orders from 24 year olds.

Friday, April 01, 2005

Hiding something, Bracks?

Yet, another post about branch stacking in the Victorian branch of the ALP. The other day there was a protest by ALP members against this outside the headquarters. There was only a hundred people there but if some of the stories are true that is a large chunk of the members who are actually "real" people.
I have said it before it is just stupid to allow branch stacking to happen. Even if it is not happening, it is stupid to allow the appearence of it to be allowed to exist. So why are they saying there is no need for independent auditing? It just say "We are trying to hide something" to anyone with half a brain.
In the end, one faction will get complete control but then it will split because there will be a clash of personalities as the fight for power within. And then you're back at square one. And a lot of people would have walk away from the party and you will have no one to hand out the how-to-votes. Grassroots should be more valued before it is too late.

Odd little blog of old friend

I used to have a bit to do with Davo of Melbourne Uni fame who seems to be spilling his beans on his days in student politics now. I shared a house with him for a few months the only dirt I have on him is he is very messy and would sometimes sleep on the doorstep if he could find his keys.

Why is China booming?

I was wonder is China's boom in anyway help by the infrastructure that was built during the time of Mao? Or did they basically start from beginning in ~1978? I am just a little confused on this issue.