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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Police Numbers

Clearly there were too few police dealing with the riots on Sunday and Monday. There were 60 odd police at the protest on Sunday at Cronulla and probably a few dozen more around the rest of Sutherland Shire. That was simply far too few for a protest of the size and feeling of the one at the beach. With the violent extreme left protests there is often a ratio of one cop to every three or four protesters. It was not like the protest had not been planned, it got wide spread media coverage in the lead up and the reports of text meassages calling for violence were all over the place.
Then the incidents on Sunday Night could easily have been stopped with a few brain cells being used. Blind Freddy could have seen that the television reports of the thuggery at Cronulla was going to act like a red rag to a bull and there was going to be a "revenge" attacks that night. But instead of drafting in ever cop that could drive a cop to get the heck down there to close down the area, the high command tried to deal with with existing numbers. It just wasn't going to work.
Likewise on Monday, there was only 150 cops on duty in the area. Again it is not as like the rioting was not predicted to continue. Again, ratbags and thugs went crazy. Come Tuesday there was 450 police on patrol and they effectly closed down the area to outsiders. Very little violence was able to be carried out because they were able to catch the dickheads in the act. Even less was carried out last night with the same sort of numbers of police. Cooler heads will soon prevail but the true test will be on the weekend.


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