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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Goodbye to 2005

2005 is going to end today and I am happy to see it go. There were too many diasters and Australia become a less likable place to live. Both Federal and State governments have given me the shits at times.
For example, the federal governments IR changes are just going to screw those least able to afford it and there simple inability to do anything about the illegal fishing shows that they aren't willing to crack down on a harmful practice if nobody is going to see it occur.
The Victorian government only really annoy me when it comes to the way they over use spin; the Parking levy is a classic example as they claim it will stop congestion in the city where as it will just result in parking prices going up.
The fiasco that occurred in Cronulla a couple weeks back is clearly an example of society that has allowed things to get out of hand and has trouble to acknowledging that problems do exist.
So onwards to 2006, hopefully things pick up and we find our way again.


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