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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Time to get a Passport

Further to my post before, I feel that now I have reached the age of 24 years 7 months old I might just be big enough to go oversea and therefore I am going to need to get a passport. In the past I have no really want to go overseas, but those WorkChoices ads are driving me so crazy, I just want to get off this boat.
Other Reasons I never got a passport were:
  • I will look fat in the Photo. Actually I look fat in real life too, so I might just have a problem with myself image.
  • Occupation will me something I really don't want to admit to. I even put down CPA on my Tax Return as I am too afraid to say I am a Car Park Attendent.
  • Travelling overseas is so passe. Stuck up middle class kids talk about it being a rite of passage as if they were going to war or something. I don't think the ANZAC's had much of a chance to get drunk in a bar in Turkey and spew up all over the place when the Turks were shooting at them.
  • I was kinda hoping to get a job before I went anywhere. But there is fat chance of that happening.
  • I don't like flying. And I get seasick. However, I can be sedated.
So I am going to today walk down to the Post Office and pick myself up a passport form.


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