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Thursday, October 06, 2005

The Not-so-super Series

I went to the cricket yesterday to watch Australia beat the ICC Rest of World XI. I would have to say I was disappointed with the day. Firstly, the crowd was tiny. There was only 18000 people there and they had pre-sold 17000 by Wednesday morning. The tickets were to expensive ($46 each) and they allocated seats (not that it was enforced and we moved to behind the bowlers arm at the Lockett end.
Secondly, there was no great performances on either side. There was nice bowling by the spinners in the ICC World XI and Shane Watson did well for the Aussies. But the Aussies weren't on top there game and the ICC World XI batted extremely poorly.
Thirdly, the match was just not exciting. It looked over by about the tenth over. No wonder that Twenty20 is killing off One-day cricket.
Finally, Australia beats the rest of the world, yet they managed to lose to Bangladesh. There is a match I would like to see, Bangladesh vs the World XI.


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