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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Floor Crossing

Barnby Joyce finally made good on his promise to cross the floor. And hasn't it given the Liberals the shits? Nelson has gone so far as to put off his VSU legalisation even longer. Not that it is very abnormal for a Liberal or National to cross the floor, For example , Robert Hill has done it ten times and Boswell has done it 6 times, it is first time in a while that it mattered to the bill being voted on.
While I am talking about the Senate as well, I must say I have been impress by Steven Fielding from Family First. He seems to be actually doing what he said he would which is a rarity in politics. I wasn't too impress with the way he was elected (dodgy ALP right deal) , but I would say he has been move powerful a critic of the government than another Green would have been.


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