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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Federal Police and the Bali Nine

At first I thought dopey shits who tried to smuggle drugs in Indonesia with the death penalty. It was sad that some of them are likely to be shot but how much risk do you really want to take? And then when they were accusing the Federal Police not helping them, I thought they were barking up the wrong tree. Yet, it appears that the Federal Police did tipped off the Indonesian Police. This appears to just within their rules about helping in death penalty cases.
The problem I have is did the Federal Police think about the cost of tipping off the Indonesians. The Australian Government is going to pay millions of dollars in terms of work by DFAT who know have to provide help. In the end, it might have been cheap to have them arrested in Australia.


  • At 2:10 am, October 28, 2005, Blogger tOh said…

    G'day, Mr Fairman,
    To quote Mick 'Nessy' Keelty, "We [the AFP] will decide who, and under what conditions, may enter drugs into this country".[sic] Now, about that computer glitch allowing thousands of shipping containers into the joint sans customs' inspection, sans cops?

    Mules must be just stupid enough to qualify for dinosaur - with 1000 dead in Thai drug busts the price of shit should be astronomical but it's not, the big, commercial stream is clearly intact. That's Mick's job - keeping out competing small business' pack animals. Corby exposed the airports to the bloody scrutes so back to the wharves, boys, gotta keep the tonnage up.


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