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Friday, September 02, 2005

When the good times end.....

The day has come. Well, Sunday is the actual day. But it looks like I might be needing a new job after Sunday. I knew the good times were not going to last for ever, but having earned $1500 last fortnight for 55 hours of work in a job trained monkeys could do*, I think I am going to miss it.
Thus as the world is about to slide into a recession on the back of Katrina, I find myself looking at the job market. Not that I hadn't been in the job market**, it is now that it is important as I am going to lose a lot of weight otherwise***.

*How was I to know that they would train monkeys to do it because they are cheaper?
** I need a professional job, not the shit kicker one I have at the moment.
*** Not in a good way either. And yes I do know I need to lose weight.


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