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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

German election fun

Those fun loving Germans have had an election and they seem to have managed to elect a hung Bundestag. They have the two major parties (CDU and SPD) basically equal, and the other three major parties (Greens, Left, FPD) are all on about the same number of seats. It will require either the two main parties getting together or one of the major parties and two of the minor ones.
But I love the names for the coalitions they come up with: "Traffic light" (SPD (Red), Green, FPD (Yellow)) and Jamician (CDU (Black), Green and FPD).
Joschka Fisher (Leader of the Greens) is such a joker. He said "Can you really see Angela Merkel and Edmund Stoiber sitting round the table in dreadlocks?" So I guess Jamician is off the table. "Traffic Light" is also off as the FPD said nope.
If the SPD bite the bullet and dealt with the ex-commies in the Left there might be some hope but basically it looks like they might need an election.


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