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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The better the worse

Not being myself lately, being someone else, has left me a bit grumpy. I am not thinking straight. Actually, I have now seen the light.
Okay, think about it. The Liberals introduce a GST on everything* except food. They wanted it on food but the Democrats forced them to remove food. Thus the voters blamed the Democrats for the GST as it was them that past it. The Liberals escaped because they could blame the extra complexity on the Democrats. Plus the Tampa and Sept 11 all happened.
Now they want to do two things: Sell the phone system and screw workers. Every single poll shows that these things are not popular with the masses. As they don't need anyone else to pass the legisation, the electorate has to blame them. Barnby will be fried alive if he lets it slip through.

*Including this blog I guess.


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